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Hey, gang. I was inspired by, and checking around the forums, I think that it might be good to have a space to share our problems with each other. Please post your problem and any solutions you have to previous problems. I'll start:

My grandfather may have a cancerous tumor. It's not confirmed, but the doctor has been taking steps that sound like it may be true, but he hasn't disclosed anything yet.
Try putting some money away for saving, in case it would be one
Edit: In America, you pay for going to surgery, huh?
There's insurance, and I think my grandparents have enough put away. If they don't, the kiddies will come to the rescue! But, in America there IS insurance, so its not like it's JUST us. Anyway, we'll just have to wait and see...

Does anyone else feel like sharing?
I have to leave MarioWiki, sooner or later. See my page.
3dejong said:
I have to leave MarioWiki, sooner or later. See my page.

OMG! No!!!
Noes! What's happened?
That's rough.
parents can be mean :twisted: :evil:
Yeah, but they have your best intentions at heart. I mean, on the internet everything is anonymous, so it won't be attributed to you as a person, y'see? So, really, why not focus on your studies instead? Oh, right... because the computer is fun. YAY!


It fought back.

yeah stumpy seriously take down the D#$n avatar. Somtimes parents have the best intentions at heart. We'll miss you 3d.
I hope they do have my interests at heart, or else...

And I hope I won't go for a while. I'll miss all of you.... WHAAAAH...
3dejong said:
3rd? Cool.

I sense impending DOOM...

Anyway i really hope they let you saty :cry: or i'll miss you
Yeah, you're one of the most influencial on this Wiki.

lol, this thread did not turn out how I expected.
Nah, I expected us to talk about things not related to the Wiki or our membership... y'know... real-world problems. Not that being blocked from the Wiki isn't a problem, but y'know... it's about technologies... yay. I can't talk.

Btw, I'm here early b/c I'm sick.
Oh, sorry. We're talking Jong, and he's parents would be blocking his use of the compie.