Paper Mario Item Images

I have an obsession with icons, see, and I've had some fun right-clicking around the wiki. In particular, I've been gathering the item and badge images from Paper Mario 2 and Super Paper Mario. However, some of the icons are either missing or of poor quality, and I decided to take my activities in a different direction.

The end result of what I want is the icon and badge texture data as found on the game discs. But since my big-brand DVD drive refuses to read data from discs that it is not able to determine on its own as being DVDs, I cannot rip the data myself using the original game discs that I legally own and purchased for full price from Nintendo-authorized retailers. (-:

Our good friend Google hasn't been particularly helpful in this regard, but since many of the icons on the wiki seem to be transcoded from the original texture data, I figure someone here probably knows where I can get my hands on that good stuff. Even if it's just a .torrent file, any help would be apprpeciated.

Thanks in advance!
If you're asking for ROMs, I can't help you. If you're just asking for the images, Mario Fan Games Galaxy is a good place to look.
Nah, I hack ROMs. I don't ask for 'em. (-:

Though that link got me exactly what I needed. Thanks! Now, since I'm just about to lay the smackdown on Francis, I'm afraid I have no ability to resist proclaiming the following:


Schweet! This is so high-technicaaaaaaaaal!

You're welcome. :)
I've got all the images cropped out and split into individual files (being a programmer makes things much easier), and I've just about got all the files named according to the items they represent. Three quick questions, though.


The wiki is using the Healthy Salad image (left) on the Veggie Set page, but I don't know if it's correct. There's one leftover image (right) that I wasn't able to name anything, and I figured it's probably Veggie Set. Do I have them flipped? What's what?

The extra choco-bar icons are from the first battle with Mr. L. They're a couple of the power-ups when fighting him.

The Sleepy Sheep version of Mistake is simply called Mistake, like the normal one.
I like where this is going. If it would help, there are complete item sheets for PM/TYD on The Spriters Resource (which is down for the moment). I've been meaning to cut the pages up and place them on the wiki for over two years now.

Actually, I was thinking of trying to finish my sprite sheet of the treasure items from the Wario Land series.