Ed, Edd 'n Eddy!!


Has anyone watched Ed, Edd 'n Eddy before; I did... BTW, the countdown
to the Eds' last adventure is 2day!!! :D
I do... it's sorta wierd, but it's OK.
Two Words


Sorry not a fan, seems kinda goofy and all.
Kinda like it- kinda don't. I like the new episodes, the old ones weren't funny at all, and sucked.
It's gotta be the strangest show ever... I have no definite standpoint on it. It's okay at times, but totally, uh... weird... at other times...
It's funny. And that wiki...2 articles! That's not even one for each Ed!
Because he never knew what potatoes meant. He was cursed by the Tails Doll because he wouldn't put cheese in its Graveyard.

Wow. All Wiki pop icons in one sentence.
I don't have a life and I watch it.