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The radioactive Boo.
== A Threat to Us All ==
[[Image:Wario WarioWare Twisted.png|thumb|50px|The evil image...]]
One night, FunkyK38 was on the Wiki, doing what she nomally does, when all of a sudden, a box popped up that said "You have new messages". Because she was expecting a reply, she clicked on it. But, to her surprise, an image of Wario laughing popped up, and then she was sucked into her computer.

== It BEGINS! ==
[[Image:Rosalina Athletic.png|thumb|left|100px|The heroine of our story, in the flesh!]]
[[Image:Funkya.jpg|thumb|100px|FunkyK's character, hoping to recover his girlfriend from WarioLoaf.]]
FunkyK looked around at the strange surroundings... This didn't look like Earth. It sort of looked like... The Mario World! She stood, and looked around. She was in a jungle. Since she didn't want to stay in this jungle, she started to make her way through. Suddenly she heard a scream. She headed in the direction of it, and found a clearing. There was nobody there... but a small figure laying on the ground. She went over to it and realized that it was her name character, Funky Kong! She picked him up. He was unconcious. "I have to find some help" she thought. So she made her way through the dense jungle and found a beach. Just then, Funky Kong woke up. "Where is he? I'll kill him for this!" Startled, she dropped him. He landed on his feet, the turned. "Who are you? You aren't working for him, are you?" "I don't know what you're talking about, who is he?" Funky Kong paced around on the sand. "He appeared out of nowhere and kidnapped my girl, Rosalina! I don't know what to do or where to find her..." FunkyK felt sympathetic for him. "We can work together to find her. Whoever took her couldn't have gotten far." Funky Kong nodded. "He'll pay for this." So, the two set out to find Rosalina.

== Starting the Team ==
[[Image:SAGAMARIO.JPG|thumb|left|100px|Mario64 fanatic, our second team member.]]
FunkyK and Funky had been walking down the beach for a long time when they saw another person up ahead. FunkyK saw that it was her friend, Mario64fanatic. She ran over to him. "FunkyK! What's going on here? I got sucked into my computer all of a sudden!" "I don't know what's going on here, but someone kidnapped Rosalina, and I bet he's the same one who did this." Mario64 nodded. "Well, what do you propose we do?" FunkyK thought for a moment. "Well, first we have to find someone who can explain this to us... then we have to find the other users." Mario64 agreed to go along with them.

== Hot Air Balloons ==
[[Image:Drifblim.png|thumb|Drifblim3445, our 3rd team member.]]
FunkyK and Mario64 had been walking for awhile when they found another person. He was dressed all in purple and had a single PokeBall. FunkyK knew him right away. "Drifblim3445! Did you end up here, too?" "Yeah. That stupid Wario sucked me in." "Well, we're trying to get to the bottom of this. Do you want to join our team?" Drifblim looked at them. "Sure. Me and my Pokemon will help!" "Why don't I get a cool mini character?" FunkyK and Drifblim looked at Mario64. "We'll find you one, don't worry." So the three set off again.

== The Shop ==
Soon they came to an odd shack. It was fairly small, with a grass roof. FunkyK knocked on the door. No one answered, so they went in. Inside, they found three backpacks, a red one for Mario64, a purple one for Drifblim, and a blue one for FunkyK. "Hey, look, I found a map!" Drifblim brought it over. "It looks like Mushroom City isn't too far away. We should probably go there." "We have to find some type of transportation, there's no way Funky can walk that far." So, the three went back outside. Mario64 looked behind the shack. "Hey, look guys!" There were three bikes in the back, all Mach Bikes colored accordingly. "All right, guys, let's get going."

== The Mushroom City ==
The team arrived at the Mushroom City. It was full of traffic, and all of it was backed up on Moonview Highway. "What are we going to do?" FunkyKthought for a moment. "Well, first we should find out what's going on." So they went until they found a line of giant Bob-ombs in the way of everything. "What are we going to do now? We can't get through that!" "Don't panic, Mario64. You're looking at the best Bob-omb shooter in MarioKart Wii." Mario64 and Drifblim looked confused, but they stepped back. FunkyKfound a green shell in her backpack, and carefully took aim. Then, she let it go. Once the first Bob-omb exploded, all the rest followed. "Whoa! Where'd you learn to do that?" "What do you think I do when I'm racing up here with Funky Kong? I blow 'em up!" Drifblim and Mario64 shrugged and they continued.

== The Second Shop ==
[[Image:breakdancemario.gif|thumb|Mario64's mini character]]
The three soon found the end of Moonview Highway, where there was a house, like the shack before. FunkyK knocked on the door, but nobody opened it. So they went in. "COOL! Look, guys!" A small Mario was pacing around on the shelf. Mario64 picked him up. "Wow, it's really you, Mario!" Mario looked up. "Mama Mia, that's-a big player!" "Yes..." Drifblim picked up the Pokeball that was waiting for him. "GO! POKEBALL!" Out popped a Drifloon. "Cool, I have two now." He tossed out his other Pokeball and out popped a Drifblim. FunkyK was looking around, and found a surfboard in the back of the house. "Hmmm... does this board look familiar to you, Funky?" "No. I've never seen it." FunkyK put it on the ground and stood on it. "It seems like a regular surf- WHHOOOAAAA!" It took off like a rocket, taking her with it. "Hey! Where are you going?" Funky called after her. FunkyK crashed through one of the windows and took off into the sky. "Hey! Come back!" Mario64 and Drifblim chased after the board on their bikes.

== The Electric Recruit ==
[[Image:WMOD SparkyWario.jpg|thumb|200px|Electrobomber saves the day!]]
The board built up speed, and it was too fast for Mario64 and Drifblim to catch it. "We have to keep going! Don't stop now!" "Funky's right, Mario64. We can't stop!" They chased after it. FunkyK knew she had to slow it down or get off it somehow. "Need a hand with that?" Suddenly, another user was flying along next to her. "Electrobomber! Yes, I do need help!" He shorted out some of the board's energy, and FunkyK was able to control it and bring it back down. The others caught up. "FunkyK! Are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine. Electrobomber saved me."
FunkyK landed the board, and Funky jumped back onto her shoulder. "Electrobomber! Are you coming with us to stop this fiend and save Rosalina?" "You bet I am!" So they set off.

== Double T ==
[[Image:RaccoonMarioFly.jpg|thumb|200px|The desert hero, Timmy Tim!]]
[[Image:ItadakiWaluigi.png|thumb|100px|left|Timmy Tim's mini character.]]
The foursome were travelling through the desert when Mario64's bike ran out of gas. "GREAT! What are we gonna do now?" "Follow ME!" A person jumped out from behind the sand drifts. "TIMMY TIM!" They all yelled. "That's right, it's the team of Timmy Tim and Waluigi!" A small Waluigi was sitting on his shoulder. So, they followed him to a small house, much like the other ones. "What's the deal with all these houses?" "Well, Mario64, I think they're the Userbox shops we put up." "That's probably it, TT. Why didn't we think of that before?" Timmy Tim shrugged. "We should take a break... We'll pick this up tomorrow." FunkyK said.

== The Secret Message ==
[[Image:PrincessRosetta.jpg|thumb|100px|left|A mysterious message in the middle of the night...]]
That night, FunkyK woke up to the sound of someone calling her name. She looked around and found that the noise was coming from the front of the little shop. She carefully went up there, and found a small figure of ROSALINA! "Rosalina! You're okay!" "I'm not okay, FunkyK! I managed to send you this message, but I don't have much time. It's a character named WarioLoaf who's doing this. You must find PorpleMontage, he'll help you fix this. But please hurry, I don't know how much longer I'll last with WarioLoaf... He's insane. He wants to take over everything. He's here, at the Comet Observatory already." FunkyK nodded. "We're on it. We'll help you as fast as we can." Rosalina nodded. "Thank you, FunkyK. And, if you could, can you let Funky know I'm okay? I just know he's really worried about me..." "Sure, I can do that." "Thank you, FunkyK. I just know that you- Someone's coming! I have to go. Be careful, and good luck!" And with that, Rosalina disappeared.

== Mario's Idea ==
The next morning, FunkyK told her friends what Rosalina had said. "That WARIOLOAF! He never gives up!" Timmy Tim was upset about the whole thing. "Rosalina said we had to find PorpleMontage, that he would help us fix this mess." "How the heck are we supposed to find him? He could be anywhere in the Mario World!" "Well, I guess we just have to look for him." "I have-a an idea." The entire team looked at Mario. "If-a we just follow WarioLoaf, maybe he'll-a lead us right to Porple." Funky stood and paced. "He's got a point. If Rosalina knows that this guy can defeat WarioLoaf, then WarioLoaf must know it, too. If we just follow WarioLoaf's trail of carnage, like those Bob-ombs, I'll bet he leads us right to Porple." The users looked at each other. "That's a pretty good idea."

== GOOP! ==
[[Image:PeteySluggers.png|thumb|150px|The goop spitter, GalacticPetey!]]
[[Image:ML2 Petey.PNG|thumb|left|Galactic Petey's mini character.]]
The team set out again, with FunkyK leading, weaving through the air on her board. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant ball of goop hit her, knocking her right off her board. Mario64 went to help her while the others looked for where the goop had come from. "HEY! YOU N00BS WORKING FOR WARIOLOAF! YOU WANT SOME MORE?" "Oh geez, it's GalacticPetey." GalacticPetey saw who he was threatening and jumped down from his perch. "Oops, sorry, guys, I thought you were working for WarioLoaf." "Well, we aren't! You need to be more careful! You took out FunkyK!" "Aww, crap! I didn't mean to!" Mario64 was trying to pull FunkyK free of the goop. "OOFF, it's no use, she's stuck." "Guys, what are we going to do? She's the one who started this whole group in the first place!" Drifblim pulled out a Pokeball. "I'll have my Drifblim fly her to the Mushroom City. We can catch up later."

== The Mushroom City... Again ==
By the time the Drifblim had arrived in Mushroom City, the goop had dripped off. Funky and FunkyK were free. "Well, Funky, it looks like we're on our own." "I guess so. Where to first, FunkyK?" FunkyK looked around. "We can look around first. Maybe we'll find something." So they set out.

== Is All Hope Lost? ==
[[Image:ItadakiDaisy.PNG|thumb|left|100px|Coincollector's mini character.]]
FunkyK and Funky were looking around the Mushroom City when they stumbled on a tall building. FunkyK recognized a small symbol on it- PorpleMontage's pic. So, they went up to where he was supposed to be. They found a desk out frond with a guy working at it. A small figure of Daisy ran around carrying papers. "CoinCollector?" He looked up. "FunkyK38? Is that you?" "Yeah, is Porple in?" "He's in there, what do you need?" "We need his help! WarioLoaf is trying to take over the Mario World!" CoinCollector stood up. "Well, you can talk to him." They went in. "Well, if it isn't FunkyK38. What brings you here?" "Porple, I really need your help. WarioLoaf is trying to take over the Mario World!" Porple looked distressed. "Well, what can I do? I'm nobody here." "Rosalina said you'd be able to do something! You have to help!" "Well, I guess I could try to do something..." Suddenly the wall was blown open and WarioLoaf
[[Image:Wariosdf.PNG|thumb|90px|WarioLoaf appears!]]
appeared. "PorpleMontage! You will do nothing! Not now that I have you!" WarioLoaf tossed a net over both PorpleMontage and Coincollector. "Let us go, WarioLoaf!" "HAHAHA NEVER!" He started to leave. FunkyK ran forward and grabbed the net. "Let go! They're my prisoners now!" WarioLoaf swung the net from side to side and threw her off, over the side of the building, plummeting towards the sidewalk below.

== The Awful Truth ==
FunkyK grabbed onto Funky as he started to drift away from her. "What are you gonna do now?" "I don't know. I hope this will end well." Suddenly, FunkyK felt something grabbing onto her other arm. It was Drifblim! "Nice catch!" It brought her to the ground. "This is terrible. The only guy who can help us is captured. Now what are we gonna do?" Funky paced around her. "Well, first we have to find the other guys. They said they would catch up, so we should wait for them to get here." So they went back to the shop and waited.

== A Plan ==
[[Image:PAPER LUIGI.jpg|thumb|left|60px|Luigi saves the day.]]
[[Image:Diddy2.jpg|thumb|70px|Diddy saves the day.]]
The others got to the city and went back to the shop. FunkyK and Funky told them what had happened. "Now what are we gonna do?" Galactic Petey wailed. "Our only hope is gone! What are we supposed to do now?" "We're not going to let WarioLoaf take over. We're going to rescue Porple and Coincollector and Rosalina, and save the Mario World." "Is that all?!?!?" Electrobomber said. "Oh please. This'll be nothing compared to some of the stuff that's happened here. Princess Peach having to save the day, Luigi having to save the day, Diddy Kong having to save the day, this is nothing! Now, listen up, I have a plan."

== The Journey to the Comet Observatory ==
The team set out the next day for the Comet Observatory. They needed to get to Rainbow Road to get there, and that wouldn't be easy. First they had to go back through the desert and to the ruins. Dry Dry Ruins loomed overhead of them. "Well, what are we waiting for? Rosalina and your friends need rescuing!" "Funky's right. Come on, guys."

== The Ruins! ==
[[Image:Booparty4.jpg|thumb|100px|left|The ghost of the ruins, Booman!]]
The users ventured into the ruins cautiously. "BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHHOOOOO'SSSS THERE?" "AAACCCKKKKKK IT'S A GHOST!!!!" Mario64 screamed. "BOOOOO- Guys? Is that you?" "BOOMAN! How could you scare us like that!" Timmy Tim said. "So sorry, we thought you were WarioLoaf again. He came by here and kidnapped King Boo!" "That's terrible!" "I know, but what can we do? I've only got a few boos with me, what are we gonna do?" "Come with us! We're going to take on WarioLoaf! We have to save Porple and Coincollector!" Booman nodded. "We're in! Come on, I'll show you a shortcut out."

== Bowser's Castle ==
They made it out of the ruins and headed for Bowser's Castle. "Uh, guys, I don't think this is such a good idea... What if Bowser's home?" "Quit being such a baby, GalacticPetey. If Bowser's home, we just ignore him, and if he tries to fight, we beat him up!" "Oh, yeah, Timmy Tim, that's the way to go. Always violence with you guys." They were at the entrance. "Who's gonna go first?" They looked at each other. "FunkyK should go first! She's the leader." FunkyK looked at the lava pool ahead. "Are you sure about that?" "Go ahead!" FunkyK carefully surfed in. "I don't know what you're so worried about. Seems easy enough." "Right. I'd like to see you get your butt burned here- wait, I already have." Funky gave her an angry look. "Please. Me, get my butt burned? Here? Pathetic. I'll bet-" "FUNKYK, LOOK OUT!!!" FunkyK saw a spiny shell heading straight for her, and she sped up her board. "It's gaining on us! MOVE IT!!" "That's what I'm doing! Don't spaz on me, Fun-" WHOOOSSH! The spiny shell exploded on them. FunkyK was knocked off her board, and both of fell to the ground below.

== Bowser Jr. ==
[[Image:SMG BowserJr.jpg|thumb|100px|Bowser jrs number one fan's mini character]]
FunkyK managed to grab the edge of her board, then she grabbed Funky, then climbed back up. The others had reached them and were right below. FunkyK floated down to them. "Are you both okay? That was some blast!!!" FunkyK dusted herself off, the looked at the limp Funky in her hand. "Oh crap, is he dead?" "NO, GalacticPetey, he's not dead... but I know he's hurt. We'd better get out of here while we can." "HAHAHAHA! You'll never get out!!!" A small voice cried out. "What the heck was that? A threat from someone so tiny we can barely hear him?" Timmy Tim said. "Hey! Hey, guys!" FunkyK looked up. "Bowser jrs number 1 fan? Did you throw that spiny shell at us?" "No, but I'm glad you're here! Some guy ran through here and vandalized the whole place! Bowser's gonna freak if he finds out!" "We can't help you, dude, we have to save the world from WarioLoaf!" GalacticPetey said. "Cool, can I help! We want to get him back!" "Sure, we need all the help we can get. Let's go, guys."

== The Third Shop ==
The next shop was outside of Rainbow Road. The team was resting up for the rest of the journey. FunkyK was busy taking care of Funky when Timmy Tim came into the room. "FunkyK, what are we gonna do when we get to WarioLoaf? We need to have a plan." "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do- I'm gonna kick his butt for stealing my girlfriend-" Funky stood up suddenly, "-and I'm gonna make him wish he was never born, and then..." Funky sat back down at FunkyK's gentle push. "We have to rest here for the night. We'll discuss tomorrow morning, Timmy Tim." He left. "He gives a good point, what are we gonna do when we get there? FunkyK, we can't just charge in like we're gonna take him down." "I know that, geez, I'm not a total n00b. I know how to be stealthy." FunkyK finished. "There you go." "I'm worried about her... what if she's hurt?" "Funky, Rosalina knows how to take care of herself. She'll be fine."

== Rainbow Road ==
Rainbow Road awaited them early the next morning. "Let's go, guys! Rosalina needs rescuing!" The others weren't nearly as cheerful as Mario64 was. "Sleeping in there was like sleeping right on the track itself..." They started on the track. "Why don't we show off some awesome tricks? This is the perfect place!" FunkyK looked at Funky. "Do you think you can hold on? I really get going on this track." "I'll just stay in your bag. Then I won't fall off." So, FunkyK took off. The users performed some pretty incredible tricks before getting to the Warp Star they needed to take to get to the Gateway Galaxy. "FunkyK, you go first." FunkyK surfed right into it, and felt the incredible rush of force as she was pulled along.

== The Fourth Shop ==
There was a small shop waiting on the planet. Inside was a variety of weapons for the team to use, each member got their own, except for FunkyK. "Look at this thing, what the heck is it?" Mario64 held up a sword handle without the blade. "That's mine, boys." FunkyK took it from him. "What are you gonna do with it, throw it at them?" FunkyK was silent for a moment. Then the sword magically appeared. It was the Galaxia, shining in its golden glory. "Whoa! How did you do that?" "I just focused and let my energy enter the blade. Haven't you ever seen Kirby:Right Back at Ya?" The other users shook their heads. "Whatever. Let's go."

The idea of making this was all thanks to Booman for putting up Paper Users and Mario7727 who told me about it.
==Prolouge:An Enemy arises==
After a very long and boring day of school, [[User:Mario64fanatic|Mario64fanatic]] (M64fan) decides to go on the MarioWiki and see how his friend are doing. But he is banned from logging on. This makes M64fan curious. The next day he was banned from going on the site at all, even without the account on (Well of course he can't get on.). So the next day is computer is turned into what looks like this.
[[Image:PM Kooper.jpg|50px]]
"It was [[User:Tucayo|TUCAYO]]!!!! " He said with a scream. But what happened next? The computer sucked him and many other users into the world of the SUPER mario WIKI!!!!.
==Chapter 1:Bobbing for Bob-Omb's==
As M64fan was falling, he just was wondering why Tucayo would do such a thing, but then once he landed he heard a strange noise. "OW!!!! Watch it pal!" As M64fan checked to see who it was, he could not believe his eyes. IT WAS HIS GOOD PAL, [[User:Mario7727|MARIO7727]]!!!! "Oh boy" he said. "Is it really you?" "Yep, now what's going on?" M7727 asked. "Well..." M64fan said. But once he could take another breath they both were shocked and knocked down. An evil laugh came from above. It was a mysterious User who had been dropping Bob-Ombs. He ran off and away he went.
Figure out who the Mysterious User was right [[User:Electrobomber|here]]
==Chapter 2:Two Friends and a big Battle==
M64fan and M7727 finally woke up in confusion. They were tied up! "Ugh, We need something to cut this rope, M7727." M64fan said. "Don't worry I got a plan." M7727 replied. He started to cut the rope with an emergency pocket knife. "Whoa! Where did you get that?" M64fan said. "No time right now we got to get out of here!" The duo ran to door as quick as possible. But the mysterious User stopped them. He revealed himself as...
Once he topped them a skinny man in black overalls whacked him with a Cheep-Cheep. The two were just about to thank him but he ran off. They followed him to the Cheep-Cheep beach. As they looked around a shiny golden star with this written on it.
'''This Star belongs to Mario7727'''

"Huh?" M7727 said. "It belongs to me?" "I guess. Pick it up." M64fan said. Before he can a giant Cheep-Cheep King came from above the sand. The two trembling in fear. He swipes the star and swims away.

The Questions for today.

What is the point of the Golden Star?

Why is it for M7727 and...

[[User:Timmy Tim|Who]] is this mystery cheep-cheep slapping skinny fellow?

==Chapter 3:The Cheap Cheep-Cheep==

As the King swam away more terrible things were to come. They jumped in the ocean and swam to an island. But in the way was a whole school of Bloopers. "This does not look good!" M7727 screamed. "SWIM AWAY!!!!" M64fan said. "WAIT!!!" a mysterious voice called out. "They are friendly." "Oh my gosh, M64fan do you know who that is?" M7727 said in shock. "Not really, No." M64fan replied. "My name, is [[User:Baby Mario Bloops|Baby Mario Bloops]](BMBloop)." the fellow said. "I hear your in need of help for a golden star and i think I can be of assistance." "Wow, Cool. Let's Go." M64fan said. As the Trio was swimming to the island a shocking wire flew down and knocked them out cold. "Mwa Ha Ha" said the man at the top. Soon Electrobomber swam to the bottom of the ocean where the KOed Users lie. He swam as fast as he could to get the Star before them. As Electrobomber got into the castle he found a crystal. "Nice and Shiny." He said. "Good enough to steal." As soon as he could get his staticy little fingers on it, BAM!! The Cheep-Cheep Guards trapped him in a cage. What will happen next to our heroes '''AND''' our shocking villain. Keep Reading and look for the next update.

==Chapter 4:Goomba Invasion==

Once the trio woke up they found themselves on a beach. "The bloopers brought us here." BMBloop said. "They did'nt want us to die of oxegen." "Well, that explains why we are here." M7727 said. "Let's stay out of the water for now." M64fan said. So they looked behind them and saw a jungle. "Looks like a good place to explore." BMBloop said. They walked into the jungle and saw the place empty of anything but them and a couple of twigs. All of sudden, falling from the sky was their friend [[User:FunkyK38|FunkyK38]](FK38). "RUN, GUYS!!!! RUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!" She said. She ran out to the beach. They looked up and saw a big army of Goomba's coming out of the sky. "RUN!!!!!!!!" M64fan screamed in terror. They ran out as quick as possible. M7727 soon tripped and pulled into the goomba-infested jungle. "Oh no!!! Guys we have to save him." M64fan said. "Well I got some gear. We can use it to get him back." FK38 said. Okay then, Let's get going to your shop." BMBloop said. Then they headed off.

==Chapter 4:Goomba Invasion Part Two==

During Chapter 4 with the good guys, the villains (Electrobomber) was in a struggle. He was in a cage. The Cheep-Cheep King dareing to have him fed to the Unagi. But all of a sudden. The skinny cheep-cheep whacker came to the rescue. He broke the cage with one whack and came down. "Whoa. Thanks. But... Who are you?" Electrobomber asked. "My name is [[User:Timmy Tim|Timmy Tim]](TimmT). The guy finally said. "Now, GO!!!! I got this guy!!!!!" he said with a burst. Electrobomber then swam away and left TimmT behind.

==Chapter 5:The Heroes Keep Coming==

FK38 showed the two to her factory. It was filled!!! "Oh Boy!!!" The duo said. It was filled with Mushrooms, Hammers, Stars and even a Poltergust 3000. They picked up as much weaponry and recoverments as they can and headed off. However the 2 ran to a door (in a tree house, high up)and fell right down.(What idiots)When they thought they would be goomba bait, a plane swoops down and they land in. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They screamed. "A Goomba plane came to eat us." BMBloop said. Soon the pilot shows his face. "Nice save there, [[User:Porplemontage|Porple]](PorpM)FK38 screamed from above. She then jumped in with them. PorpM flew over the jungle and followed the goomba's with M7727. All of a sudden Electrobomber is seen from down below and sends a bolt of lightning right down. The plane gets hit and starts to rumble. "OK guys looks like you have to parachute out." PorpM said. "WHAT!!!" M64fan screamed. "Do you know how far up we are?!?" BMBloop screamed as well. "Don't worry Porps, I got them." FK38 said. She grabbed them both and jumped out. She pulled her parachute cord and the 3 drifted down. "Oh No You DON'T" Electrobomber said. He shot them with a bolt of electricity pushing them far.

Where will they land? Stay Tuned.

==Chapter 5:The Heroes Keep Coming Part 2==

As TimmTim fought the giant Cheep-Cheep he saw the crystal, that Electrobomber was trying to steal. He runs up to it and flops around his fish. "You better set me free or this crystal is going down!" "Oh Yeah? GUARDS!!!!!!!" King Cheep-Cheep cried. Soon an army of cheep-cheeps come but that's not a problem for TimmTim. He throws a big Bob-Omb and the whole army just about is gone. "OK! Ummmm? I Surrendor!!!!" King Cheep-Cheep says. "Just don't take the crystal." But right after he said that TimmTim and the crystal were both gone. "Well that's just faaaaaaaaaantastic(sarcasim)."

==Chapter 6:I Believe I can Drive????==

TimmTim swam to the top and got to the jungle-beach with everyone else. He jumped into his kart and drove right under the parachuting three. They finally land. Uncovering the parachute to find themselves in Baby Park. Soon TimmTim comes driving up to them. "O.K guys, my name is Timmy Tim. I have been following you guys to help you guys in your journey." After that FK38 said. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! STALKER!!!!!!" "No NO IM NOT A STALK..."BAM! TimmTim was knocked out with her bat. "Oh COME ON!!!! He had information!!!!!!!!!" M64fan said. "Oops. My bad." Then all of a sudden, a giant foot stomps down right behind them. They look behind them to see [[Goomboss|GOOMBOSS!!!!!!!]] He was the one who started the army and the one who had two things.

MARIO7727 and...


[[Image:BMarioSluggers.PNG|50px]]'''This Star belongs to Baby Mario Bloops'''

Will they get the Star and their pal Mario7727?

==Chapter 6:I Believe I can Drive???? Part 2==

Hey, did you think we would forget about the main problem here? What do you think happened to Tucayo? Well it turns out that he was also sucked into his computer. Once he was falling he landed in the [[Bob-Omb Battlefield]]. He got up and saw a crystal that looked like this.


"Is that... A Chaos Emerald?" He said. Soon all of a sudden a giant shadow rose from the ground. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! RUN!!!!" Tucayo screamed. He was picked up and flicked to the other side of the Wiki Island. He landed in Delfino Plaza knocked out.

Wait, a minute! I thought Tucayo was the one who sucked all the users?

This story is starting to get confusing.

Was it Tucayo or was it someone [[Culex|else]]?

==Chapter 7:A Gang is formed==

BMBloop, FK38 and M64fan got ready for a major battle. There was fighting, punching, kicking and stomping but the Goomboss was still alive. So BMBloop took out his Hammer. Right before he can whack him, HE SWALLOWED IT!!!! So then FK38 took out a Mega Mushroom. Howwever she was not quick enough because the Goomboss snatched it away from her. M64fan took out a Starman. But alas, Goomboss took that away as well. Now he was a Super Giant Invincible Goomba. TimmTim woke up eventually and tried to throw Bob-ombs. But the Starman was to strong. The 4 were hopeless. Soon a Giant Piranha Plant came down from the sky. He aided the quartet in battle. M64fan gasped. It was his friend [[User:GalacticPetey|GalacticPetey]](GalPT). He started to buldge. Growing Big. He spit a giant peace of Goop the size of the [[Grand Finale Galaxy]]. The Goop was to strong for the Starman and he exploded. The Goomba army vanished and peace was restored to the jungle and Baby Park. BMBloop ran up to the cage that M7727 was trapped in. He unlocked the cage and he was set free. "Thanks a lot, you guys!!" M7727 hollered. Soon BMBloop picked up the Golden Star. Once he did, it soared right up into the air. "Let's go see, where it went!." FK38 said. She called for PorpM and he got the plane fresh, new and filled with gas. The 6 heroes jumped into the plane and followed the star.

==Chapter 8:Hapiness is Honey==

The plane flew really high up. So high that they reached up to the [[Honeyhive Galaxy]]. When the plane got them there, they all explored. FK38 saw Rosalina. "OMG!!!! It's ROSALINA!!!!!!" she hollered. She ran up to her. "Oh goody, FunkyK38 we need your help!" Rosalina said. "Okay, guys. I will be gone for a while helping Rosalina." FK38 said. Once she left, A Dino Piranha came. "WHOA!!!!!" GalPT screamed. "It's a DINO PIRANHA!!!!!" He jumped on top of it's back and rode the mysterious creature. "Wait UP!!!!!" TimmTim and M7727 said. They ran up to him and jumped on as well. Soon BMBloop saw the star and chased after it. "Well, I guess it's just you and me Porple." M64fan said. He turned around to see that PorpM and the plane were both gone. M64fan started to walk around. He got up to a Hive Castle and walked in. He saw a Queen Bee crying in shame. "Oh thank goodness your here. We need you to help us restore peace to this galaxy!!!!" the bee said. "Okay, Ummm give me the details and maybe I can solve this problem." M64fan said. So the two talked about the problem. What will happen next for our hero.

==Chapter 9:It's a TRAP!!!!!==

As M64fan was travelling to restore peace to the galaxy, he stumbled across some star bits. He collected them all and they were in a very long trail too. Once he collected about a bunch of them, he fell down into a volcano. He fell for hours. M64fan needed to get back up to the other users. He fell and landed in Delfino Plaza alongside Tucayo. Once he saw Tucayo starting to get back in sense, he ran up to him and picked him up. "WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU TRAPPING US HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he scremed. "WAIT!!! NO!!!!! I'M NOT THE VILLAIN!!!!!!" Tucayo screamed. "Wait! Your not?" M64fan said in shock. "Mario64fan, there was this guy! Also there was this red crystal thing, and then I was thrown all the way over here. Mario64fan! I need your help!" Tucayo said with a sad look. "Okay, let's go." The two struggled, to get all the way to Bob-omb Battlefield. They traveled for days. When they finally got there, they saw [[Koopa the Quick]] running up a tall hill with a golden star that says

[[Image:WaluigiMP8Official.png|50px]]'''This Star belongs to Timmy Tim'''

"Whats that he's holding?" Tucayo asked. "I believe another one of those stupid stars." M64fan said. "I'll explain later." They ran up the hill, pushing bob-ombs out of the way and when Koopa the Quick finally reached the top, he started to melt into [[Shadow Bugs]]. The Shadow Bugs then formed into the same shadow that Tucayo saw earlier. He held the same red crystal that Tucayo saw before and held it way up high. Soon the sky turned red and the Bob-Omb Battlefield blew into flames like crazy. With the flames going off, the bob-ombs started to burst, starting more fires and explosions.

What will happen to M64fan and Tucayo?

Who is the creature?

What's the point of the stars?

What's the crystal so important?

What happened to the other Users in Honeyhive?

and many more questions revealed in Chapter 10!!!!

==Chapter 10:Is this the End==

"WE GOT TO GET OUT OF THIS!!!!" M64fan screamed. "BUT HOW!!!!!!!" Tucayo replied. Soon M64fan looked up. He was looking at the Shadow man with the crystal and star. Soon he had an idea. "C'mon follow me!!!!!" he said. Tucayo nodded and grabbed his leg. He took the star bits he found and used them to shoot right into the sky, M64fan kicked the crystal out of the shadows hand, while they flew. Tucayo grabbed it and they flew all the way to the Ghostly Galaxy. Soon [[User:Luigifreak|Luigifreak]](LuiGF) came to find Tucayo. But the second he almost came, a boo mushroom was dropped from the sky, turning Tucayo into Boocayo. That's when LuiGF finally came and saw him. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" LuiGF hollered. He sucked Boocayo with his Poltergust 3000 and trapped him there. "NOOO!!!! LuigiFreak that was Tucayo!!!!" M64fan yelled. "Oh, He must have got hit by a boo mushroom." LuiGF said. "NO DUH!!!" M64fan said with sarcasim. "Okay, we can fix this!!! We need to get to E. Gadd's Lab" M64fan said. "But, first we must find the other users!!!" "Okay, then. LET'S GO!!!!!!" LuiGF said. The two went on their quest right away.

What will happen next?

==Chapter 11:Long Time, No See==

As the two were travelling the galaxy, guess who popped up. Electrobomber!!!!!!!!!! "Oh Hi!" LuiGF said. "Would you like to help us find..." but after that he was blasted with a shock. "Okay, then Electrobomber!!!! Time to finish you!!!" M64fan said. The fight was without a doubt an epic one. M64fan was throwing punches while Electrobomber was summoning lightning. Soon M64fan dropped down on the floor weak. "Give UP!!!!" Electrobomber said with a nasty smile. "NEVER!!!!" M64fan said. He grabbed a fire flower from his pocket and ate it. Soon his hands started to light up. He got up and quickly shot a [[Mario Finale|M64fan Finale]]. Electrobomber was blown away with the powerful hit, but it also took '''A LOT''' of power for M64fan to use it. Once he was done shooting the epic fireball, he fell straight down to the ground, DEAD!!!! Looks like that's the end for our heroes. But it's happened so soon. M64fan is now dead, so there's nothing else to do but end the story. What a tragedy!!!!

'''The End'''

R.I.P Mario64fanatic
==Chapter 12:It's Not Over Yet!!!!==

WAIT!!! IT'S NOT OVER!!!!! *Gasp*

As M64fan and Luigifreak lay down, [[Popple]] and [[Croco]] ran up to the two. "Nice, Vaccum there!! Let's steal it." Popple said. Croco picked up the Poltergust 3000. While he did, a [[1-Up Mushroom]] and it landed right on M64fan. He woke up and looked around. Once he saw Croco and Popple stealing the Poltergust he got up and decided to take it back, because his friend Tucayo(Boocayo) was stuck inside. The second he jumped in the two fled away. "Urgghh" "I've got to find the other users, first." he said. He picked up the knocked out, LuiGF and started to search. When they came across a mansion called Luigi's Mansion. Soon a [[User:Booman|boo with a spell book]] flew right across them, straight into the mansion. M64fan followed. Soon LuiGF finally woke up and was back to the adventure. The boo was putting up 6 paintings. M64fan thought they looked familar. "WAIT!!!" he screamed. "That's FunkyK38, M7727, BMBloop, GalPT, PorpM and TimmTim!!!!" "WHO'S THERE!!!" The boo said with a scream. He hovered up to the two and saw them trespassing in his lair. It was silent. Soon the boo took out a spell book and flipped through the pages. Now M64fan and LuiGF were really confused, but once he got up to his page, he showed it to them and they got sucked in. Bum Bum Bum!!!!(dramatic noises)

==Chapter 13:Paper Users???????==

As M64fan and LuiGF were falling to what they thought to be there doom, a platform came from down below and grabbed the two. The platform brought the two down safely. As they got down they saw Electrobomber controlling the power of the platform. Once they were off, he walked right in front of them. "Don't hurt me again!!!!!!!!!!" LuiGF screamed. "Yes, please!!!!!" M64fan said after. "Don't worry guys. I'm here to help you." Electrobomber said in a calm voice. "How do we know your telling the truth?" M64fan replied. "Because if we don't work together, we'll all be stuck here." Electrobomber said. "Plus, those stupid thiefs, Popple and Croco stole my crystal." "Wait, you had a crystal?" M64fan asked. "Yeah, a blue one. Why?" Soon M64fan remembered what happened with him and Tucayo when they took the red crystal from the shadow menace. "We got to go get that crystal!!!" M64fan said. He looked around and saw a giant city a few miles away. "That must be [[Neon Heights]]." LuiGF said. "Yep, let's go" Electrobomber said. So the trio headed to Neon Heights.

==Chapter 14:Paper Users??????? (cont.)==

Once M64fan, LuiGF and Electrobomber reached Neon Heights, they saw all the way at the top, Popple and Croco stealing from a user called [[User:Pink Boozooka|Pink Boozooka]]. He tried to slug them with a punch, but those two were fast. So PinkBoozooka just sat down, crying in shame. The three decided to catch up with him. But a big robot named Trollbot came out of no where and was going to ban the gang. LuiGF decided to run away, but he got banned by the Trollbot. Soon LuiGF disappeared. Electrobomber was next. He grabbed Electrobomber and before you know it, he was gone too. Both LuiGF and Electrobomber were banned, and M64fan knew he was about to get banned next. He looked around for items in his backpack and grabbed both a [[Mega Mushroom]] and a [[Mini Mushroom]]. He threw the Mini Shroom at the Trollbot. He was as small as a germ. So M64fan ate the Mega Shroom and grew big. He stomped the TrollBot like crazy, until the bot was gone. Still no sign of his friends. He had to catch Popple and Croco by himself. So he headed off to search for the end.

==Chapter 15:Crocodile Countdown==

M64fan jumped up the really tall, Neon Heights. Once he reached the top he took a break and rested. While he rested, Popple and Croco checked him for any useful items and money. "Look at this." Popple said. He showed Croco a [[Bandit Orb]]. "This would be good to summon bandits." Croco said. As they stuffed it in thier bags, M64fan woke up. Staring at the two, he jumped up and punched Popple in the face. Croco ran away into the underground. M64fan chased him. Soon he found Croco with a new friend called Crocodile Guy. M64fan thought quick. He took out a Lazy Shell and kicked at the crocodile guy. Croco was next, and he knew it so he dashed away. As M64fan chased him, Popple ran in and aided the Crocodile Guy. M64fan had to get out of the mess. But how?

==Chapter 16:Hopefully free==

Popple looked in his bag for something. He threw the Bandit Orb at M64fan, but M64fan was able to catch it and throw it back. Soon the orb opened up and a [[bandit]] came out. He started stealing the items in Popple's bag, and giving them to M64fan. He looked at many useful things, while bandit was slugging the two. Soon Popple gave up and handed M64fan the Poltergust 3000. M64fan put the poltergust on and headed for Croco. He saw Croco trying to jump out of the story book. M64fan jumped on his head and also tried. When he started to fall, he used the Poltergust's blow ability to float him higher. Little did M64fan know, the red crystal blew out of the Poltergust and landed with Croco. M64fan was able to escape, but Croco now has 2 crystals. This might be bad.

==Chapter 17:The Battle of the Boo's==

M64fan finally was able to get out, leaving the crystal and the 2 users behind. He looked up and saw a giant blank painting frame, coming down on him. He moved out of the way. Soon a bunch of painting frames just kept coming down on the user. Soon he ran to the room where he last saw Booman and his friends. He went in the room, but it was empty. Soon the door was locked and [[User:Prince Boo|Prince Boo]] came up to him holding GalPT's painting. "Hand over the painting, Prince Boo" M64fan screamed. "NEVER!!!!!!!!!" Prince Boo screamed. He flew around the room holding the painting to make M64fan dizzy. M64fan took out his Poltergust and tried to suck him up. He was successful and was able to collect the painting. He put the painting under his arm and continued his search.
==Chapter 18:Goomba's and Blooper's Return==
As M64fan continued his search for the rest of his friends a goomba walked by him. Then another. AND ANOTHER? What was going on you ask.? Well M64fan followed were the goomba's were coming from and found Goomboss guarding FunkyK38's painting. M64fan can't just suck him up with the Poltergust so he put it down and called for his bandit. As M64fan fought for the painting, bandit was guarding the poltergust and GalPT's painting. Finally M64fan won and got a hold of the painting. He and bandit continued for the rest of the paintings. They came across a room full of bloopers. They went in the room and saw Baby Mario Bloops painting being guared by [[Gooper Blooper]]. Again they did the same style. However one of Gooper Blooper's [[tentacles]] knocked the user right out the door. Bandit soon decided that M64fan should find the others while he got the painting. So M64fan walked up to the next room. What was inside? Nobody knows!!!
==Chapter 19:First Paper Users? Now this!!!!==
M64fan walked in and saw [[General Guy]]!!!!!! "Troops!!! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" General Guy screamed. Soon an army of [[Shy Guys]] started to charge into the user. "What is this, [[Paper Mario]]?" M64fan said with a grin. Soon the shy guys started to use shy dive on M64fan in an RPG like fashion. So M64fan decided to do the same and took out a hammer. He hit the shy guys in the same RPG like fasion. Soon the shy guys dropped down. General Guy and his big wagon thing came by trying to destroy him. He threw [[Anti-Guy]] at M64fan. So M64fan charged up. Soon Anti Guy did Anti Dive on him. M64fan was loosing HP. He looked in his backpack for items and found Honey Syrup. Soon once M64fan was healed Anti Guy swept away another Anti Dive. Soon M64fan was thinking. "What the heck am I doing?" He punched the anti guy, threw him into the wall and kicked him out the door. Soon he took General Guy and did the same thing. He looked in General Guy's wagon mabobber and got out some items, a flashlight, a storybook and Mario7727's Painting. He grabbed the painting and headed for the next room.
==Chapter 20:You got Mail!!!!!==
M64fan headed to a room with a single pipe. He jumped in. He found himself at the bottom of the ocean. "Hmmm, this place looks familiar." M64fan said. He saw a giant castle and swam toward it. He went in. It was KING CHEEP-CHEEP!! He was sleeping so M64fan had to be quiet. He tip-toed to a door that said: THIS DOOR IS NOT FULL OF PRIZES!!! "How stupid." M64fan said in his head. He walked in and turned on the lights. The room was filled. First he grabbed some items, then he grabbed TimmyTim's painting and also he saw something. IT WAS MARIO7727'S STAR!!! He forgot all about it until now. So he grabbed the star and it started to spin a few times around him. While it spun, M64fan saw a switch, and pulled it. Soon a giant yellow box came above him saying,YOU GOT NEW MESSAGES. Soon the spinning star finally went up in the air and hit the box, opening it. Soon Electrobomber and LuiGF came down from the box. They both fell down causing a giant thud noise. Soon the door burst open and the Cheep-Cheep King declared that he capture the intruders.
==Chapter 21:Tubba Bubbles==
Electrobomber, LuiGF and M64fan thought they were doomed. Soon, Bandit and the other Users came out from behind. "C'mon, are you going to stand there scared or fight?" FK38 said. Soon the 3 ran up to King Cheep-Cheep and did there best. BMBloop got out his brand new hammer and started to knock the Cheep-Cheep out. Then GalPT spit goop from his mouth. FK38 threw hammers at the fish too. Electrobomber shot out lightning from his hands. LuiGF shot fireballs at him and finally M7727 and M64fan punched him right in the face. The king fell down to the floor and bandit tied him up. Bandit was able to revive TimmTim from his painting too. The group saw the golden star flying up. "C'mon, let's get out of here." LuiGF said. They swam up to the pipe and went in. They were all back in the mysterious room. When they walked out the room and walked down the hall, they saw a big door that said: BOOMAN. They walked in with weapons ready, but it was empty. "HELP!!!!" someone said above. IT WAS BOOMAN. They saw [[Tubba Blubba]] walk away with Booman. "We have to save him!" M7727 said. "Even though he did this to us, he's right." BMBloop said. The group then set out to save Booman.
==Part 1 It begins!==
{{User|GalacticPetey}} was just Surfing Mario Wiki then all of a sudden he got a message to visit the Main Page. He clicked on it but all he got was an image of {{User|Prince Boo}} the image then started to twirl and then the image of Prince Boo turned into something frightning! The image of Prince Boo was gone and in its place was a portrit of Bowser and the picture of Bowser sucked him into his computer!

==Part 2 The Short Duel==
GalacticPetey ended up on the roof of Luigi's Mansion. He saw portrits of his friends all around him he grabed one, but before he could grab more Prince Boo hovered down and said "I challenge you to a duel"! GalacticPetey shot tons of goop at Prince Boo. The evil Boo couldn't take the pressure he fled, but not before he wisked the remaining paintings all over the Mushroom Kingdom! GalacticPetey looked at the painting he had. It was {{User|YellowYoshi127}}. GP went to E.Gadd's lab to revive YY127. It was the bigining of a great adventure!

==Part 3 E.Gadd==
GalacticPetey flew down to E.Gadd's lab and opened the door. The Professer freaked out at the sight of the piranha plant, but GP (GalacticPetey) explained everything. E.Gadd saw GP's problem. He promised to help him but first he said "Sika sika yabba yabba"! witch translates to "we better revive your friend"! So GP put YY127's (YellowYoshi127) painting in the machine and out of the Machine came YY127! "A picture of bowser sucked me into my computer!" "Me to!" said GP. The 2 decided to look for the remaining paintings. Just before they walked out the door E.Gadd gave them two things 1 the Poltergust 3000 and 2 a device that could track there friends. The two users ran/flew out the door.

==Part 4 The jungle==
"I think were lost." said YY127. "No were not!" said GP "as long as we have this Radar we won't be lost" "we are in the middle of the jungle I think we are..." Suddenly the pair heard rustleing in the Bushes. The Piranha Plant and the Yoshi walked close to the Bush then all of a sudden King K.Rool popped out of the bush! "If you want to rescue your friend you got to get passed me! GP and YY127 charged at the tyrent lizard. Yellow Yoshi ran sircles all around K.Rool. Confused K.Rool became dizzy and then GP bellyslamed the Kermaling leader. Flattend K.Rool ran into the heart of the jungle crying. The two picked up the painting and they saw a terrified {{User|FunkyK38}}. The users jumped down a pipe to get back to the Lab.

==Part 5 More info==
Back at the lab they put the FK38 (FunkyK38) picture in the machine and after a buncth of tossing an turning out of the machine came FK38! "Stupid Bowser!" she said. "Hey guys!" she said "let me guess,you got sucked into your computer by a Bowser image. "Yes" they replied "I knew it!" she mutterd. "We got to rescue the rest!" GP exclaimed. "Wait"! said E.Gadd. "do you even know what you are doing!" "You just got sucked into this world!" "You're right!" shouted YY127. "since Prince Boo is like King Boo there is a special way to deafeat him." "we know" the users said "We have all played Mario Video Games!" "What do you mean Mario Games!" shouted E.Gadd. "It is kinda hard to explain" said GP. "We will be all right with out your help" said FK38."oh wait" said the professer "Take this portable unpainting device it will revive your friends"."thanks" said GP. The three dashed out of the lab.

==Part 6 Booman!==
The tracking device pointed the heroes to a giant haunted forest. "We better go in." said FK38. "In there!" YY127 said. "I am not going in there!" "one of our friends is in there, we can't leave now"! GP said angerly. They took a few steps, but then the felt something haunting... {{User|Booman}}! "He He you never see your friend!" "Who did you kidnap anyway"! shouted FK38 "{{User|Zero777}}" he replied. "WHAT"! they said together "why are you kiddnapping your own friend"! YY127 shouted "Prince Boo is paying me to do it". "You think Money is more importent than Zero"! shouted GP "Your right" said Booman. Booman joined the group and the set off for Zero's painting

==Part 7 King Kaliente!==
"Were did you put Zero's painting"? asked YY127. "I kinda launched it into space" said Booman. "WHAT"! the group said. "You launched it into space"! "Im sorry". said Booman. "How did you do it"? asked FK38 "I used a launchstar". "Were is the Launchstar"? asked GP. "In those bushes". said Booman. The 4 got on the launchstar and were launched to the Commet Observatory. "I need your help" said rosalina who floated down to greet the heroes. "The Evil King Kaliente attacked us and stole a painting of a cyborg" "ZERO"! the users said together. "We have to go fight Kaliente" said GP. "You better belive it" said FK38. The group used a launch star to fly to the Good Egg Galaxy. The group finally arrived on the lava buldging Planet. The group ran up and fought King Kaliente. The Lava dewling King fired coconuts at the users, however the clever Users grabbed the coconuts and fired them back while dodging fireballs. Eventually the squid gave up and perished. The Users ran to Zero and revived him from the painting.

==Part 8 The terrible trio!==
"Thanks a million!" said Zero "Don't mention it." said GP. Rosalina floated down and said "I have to think of awa... "OMG!" Zero cut in "Its Rosalina!" "anyway." said The princess. "I have to think of away to thank you!" "It was nothing really." said Booman. "I hate to interupt this touching moment, but we have to find the rest of our friends!" said GP. "Of course, so use this launch star." said Rosalina. So the group jumped into the launch star and flew back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Coincedently they landed next to their friends painting. Just before they could grab it Three people snached it! The heroes knew who they were right away... {{User|Zafum}}, {{User|Warioloaf}}, and {{User|Tar boy}}

==Part 9 The terrible trio cont.==
"Who are you punks!" shouted FK38! "We are the terrible trio." said Tar Boy. "Shut Up!" said Zafum. "Why did we hire him?" asked Warioloaf. "Less talking more hitting!" shouted FK38 and she used her bat to launch WarioLoaf into the sky! The Battle Began! GP and Booman flew into the sky while FK38, Zero, and YY127 dashed to the villians. Just then Warioloaf came falling down crushing YY127. Tar boy grabbed a tar shooting gun and nearly hit Booman. GP and Zero ran and grabbed Fire flowers. Warioloaf got up and growled. YY127 stuck out his long sticky tounge, but missed and ate FK38! Zafum's lightning strikes hit GP so he lost his fire flower. Booman grabbed a Hammer Bro. suit and YY127 grabed a feather. The clever GP hit an invisable block and out came a starman! GP rammed the villians. The terrible trio was no more. YY127 barfed and out came FK38. GalacticPetey leaned over at the falling villans and opened his mouth. "Don't eat them!" shouted Zero. "sorry." said GP. The group went to revive there friend.