Paper Users


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Paper Users is a game for the NES It is about a Hero Who has to save the world from a villian known as Banny Sammy who is on a rampage banning every user.Booman must find all of the Artifact Stones before he gets banned by Banny Sammy.The Artifact stones will let anyone reverse a ban and it can give the holder unlimited powers.However,If they abuse the powers,the Artifact Stones Blow Up and won't be seen in 1000 years,the bans and other stuff get reverted,and the current users all get banned.

==Proluoge:Creating The Grand Account==
The game first starts off in the Main Page,when fellow Booman was browsing the Mariowiki when he saw the Login/Create Account.He is immetdiattly greeted by Grapes,when a tall man in green comes running in with a vacuum cleaner.He yells "AAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!TROLLBOT,HE WILL BAN US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"The TrollBot then notices the man behind Booman,and proceeds to fight him.Booman Starts off with 15 HP,while the TrollBot's HP is never seen,it is 3. After Booman wins,TrollBot explodes,and the man stops shivering.He says he is happy for saving him,and he wants to join you.He is revieled to be named [[User:Luigifreak|Luigifreak,]] and explains about Banny Sammy.Booman says he needs help,and lets Luigifreak join him.Luigifreak tells Booman he should see Porplemontage.Porplemontage tells Booman about the Artifact Stones,and their powers.He tells him about what happens when they are abused.Porplemontage tells Booman to go to Neon Heights,because the first Artifact Stone is located there.Porplemontage says that the way there is to go through a warp pipe on the Chatroom. When Booman gets there,a user named Jorge is guarding the warp pipe.Jorge said that to get the warp pipe is to get him a Mountain Dew.Booman must go to Porplemontage's page to ask him where Mountain Dew is(If Booman goes anywhere,he can't find it).Porplemontage says Mountain Dew is located at Pink Boozooka's talk page. When the character goes there,Mountain Dew is available for 20 coins. When the Booman gives the Mountain Dew to Jorge,he yells "SUSUSUSUSUSUSUUSUSUSUS!!!!!"The pipe then takes you Neon Heights.

==Chapter 1:Neon Heights' Mysterious secret==
Once the player arrives at Neon Heights,some random person yells "THEY BANNED UGOZIMA!"He then jumps behind a bush.A shinier TrollBot appears who says,"Hey wussies,let me pass,or else."LuigiFreak then says,"Uh Booman,I think we should let him pass."You get the option if you let him pass or fight him. Whichever way,when he leaves,the random guy jumps out,and ask if he could join.He says his name is Pink Boozooka.When Booman lets him join,he pulls out a giant Bazooka.He then says that the Giant shiny TrollBot was called a SpamBot,an Upgraded version of the TrollBot.Booman then has to go to the baseball field to get the Shy Guy's Cell Phone. Once obtained,Booman could call anybody for tips or help.He would sometimes receive a call from anybody.Booman then has to go to the Casino to get the Golden Chip. Once Booman has the Golden Chip,he can go behind the TrollBot and disactivate it. Once it is disactivated,it cannot ban anybody. Booman then has to get the TrollBot's scan card to be able to go to the underground liar of The Crocodile Guy. The Crocodile Guy has 25 HP and it's attacks are:Crocodile Drop and Crocodile Slash. He is a crocodile with a blue shirt and hat. When he is defeated,he falls down and spits out the Sun Stone. Booman has to get it to continue the game and go to the next level.

==Chapter 2:At the Edge of the Galaxy==
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