Rabbi Rambo


Nerdy Guy

Just learned this from CNN, it's pretty epic if you see the video recordings of it. A rabbi (dubbed "Rabbi Rambo") from New York City (if I remember correctly) has begun teaching anti-terror tactics/defense to other synagues and rabbis due to them being a high target for terrorism. He's a pretty average looking guy, brown hair, no facial hair, wears a nice suit, but when terror strikes, he becomes the Chuck Norris of anti-terrorism. He can flip people, choke people with prayer shaws, (don't know how to spell that; I'm not even joking about this, he can wrap it around someone's arm and flip them over :eek: ) and he even carries a gun. :eek: They showed videos of this guy teaching his anti-terror class, it's realy awesome. He had someone grab him from behind and hold a rubber knife to his throat, the rabbi then grabbed the attackers arm, flipped him over, sat on the guy's arm to prevent the terrorist from moving, and pulled out a gun (not sure if it was real or fake) and pointed it at pretend terrorists to show how you draw attention to the fact you have a gun. He's one badass guy!