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I saw this game on another forums and the thread began with a mod saying "All right, I'm locking this" and it went from there.

However, since I'm just a regular user, we'll act like the thread died after my post and we post in reverse. Don't worry about being wacky.

For the last time no one cares about Xeria! No one cared when it was released for the Nintendo 64, no one cares about the enhanced version for the 360. NO ONE CARES. God, can't you guys just let this thread die already.
Look guys, I know you all love Xeria, but let me point out the fatal flaws in the gameplay. First off, the AI doesn't do shit in the N64 version. Sure, in the 360 version, the AI is improved, but they are so overpowered! One hit anywhere kills you and you can only kill them by shooting them in the head.

And the graphics are horrid in both versions. The N64 version all the enemies are made out of like 8 polygons and the 360 version, they're made out of like 200 polygons, as apposed to the several thousand used in other games. And the draw distance is only 40 feet, wtf?

And the multiplayer, oh god, no. The N64 doesn't have any multiplayer. But the 360 version. Oh God, you are disconnected from Live like 99% of the time.

And look at the rating Real Life Video Game Ratings gave for both versions.
Real Life Video Game Ratings said:
Xeria is a sci-fi FPS for the Nintendo 64, developed and published by Aeriant, Inc., this game has a very interesting storyline to it. You are an ex-assassin turned soldier fighting in an intergalactic civil war between humanity and the genocidal Yea, who are beginning construction on the Xeria, a superweapon capable of destroying an entire sector of the galaxy from 500 light years away.

However, the story is the only good part of the game. The rest of the game is horrid beyond belief. The enemies are probably made out of 3 polygons and they don't do anything, they just stand there.

And the control scheme is so flawed. Who in the right mind decided to have the C-buttons to move? And the Z button to shoot? No thanks. And the D-Pad controls the camera?!? You need three hands to play the game!

This game deserves the lowest rating we've ever given. 0/10

Real Life Video Game Ratings said:
Xeria - Reboot is the Xbox 360 a port of quite possibly the worst Nintendo 64 game in existence. The plot is the same as the original, so, you can just read our review of the original one here. But, all that aside, it has improved a little over the original. In this version, the enemies actually fight, but one hit kills you and you MUST shoot the enemies in the head to kill them.

The graphics have improved, enemies are now made of 200 polygons, as apposed to the like 3 or 4 of the original. And you can now see 40 feet in front of you.

The game also has online play using Xbox Live. However, it would be good, if not for the fact you always get disconnected!

Overall, I'd say it's a 3/10. A major improvement over the 0/10 the N64 version received.

You see that you guys?


It could be good.

Let's just hope the Nintendo DS sequel is good.

Probably won't but, we can hope.
Well I for one enjoyed it.
You fucking idiot, lots of great things start with X!

Like Xeria - a great game even though I never played it.
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While I may agree that MKWII is a good game. It has nothing on GoldenEye 007, like the last guy said.