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Yeah, so this might be a little morbid, but just thought y'all should know. If you haven't heard already, there was a shooting at Virginia Tech on the 16th of April; one kid killed 32 others before killing himself.

Being from Virginia myself, this seemed to hit pretty close to home to me. My school is holding a special ceremony tomorrow honoring those who were killed. We're all decking out in orange and maroon (VT's school colors) and lining up for a huge panoramic in the shape of VT's school logo, which we'll send to them.

If you have heard, please discuss.
A moment of silence for the lives that were lost

My thoughts are them
Whoah back up a bit! a KID?!?
:cry: We took a moment of silence. and, yes. A "Mentally Unable" (AKA. Happy Hotel Material) killed 32 kids before commiting suicide and shooting himself.
We had that tribute to VT today. Allow me to post the pic.

Click. I'm somewhere along the vertical part of the T.

Image credit to the Channel 7 news crew.
It's sad.... a kid brought a gun to my school the next day, and another kid has commited suicide since then. (not in my school). This has really been a bad week.... AND this is the second time stuff like this has happened in the same number of years...
Thats sad... :( :cry: We have a moment of silence in all my classes for 30 seconds to honor them.
Yeah, I heard that most people did that at noon... I was at LaRosa's (sort of a field trip) at noon, though... 'Tis still sad...
It really scares me because I have a brother at a university right now. I'm sad and mad and scared at the same time! I just can't believe it took VT over 90 minutes before an E-MAIL NOTICE got sent out! An e-mail! What about people who are away from their computers?! No loud speaker system?! What?

My brother's house has been broken into before, because one of the guys forgot to close his window... and as far as I know, people don't get to lock the doors. Oh, man...

32 people... my gosh. When is it going to end? Instead of focusing on prevention right now, people are using this as an opportunity to forward their political agenda (National Rifle Association, I'm talking about you)... and furthermore my school gave less than 30 seconds for the moment of silence. I think it must have been 15 seconds. What the heck?! I couldn't even finish my prayer!

I'm still waiting for the next death to happen... they always do. Someone does something crazy, and then someone else gets the idea and tries to do something along the same lines.

God bless and protect us all, and be with the families of the dead.
Someone published a picture with all of there pictures... I couldn't look at it.
so many lives lost, but instead here people think about the killers parents. Having the guilt, knowing their son killed 32 peopple.....

Yeah, it stinks to be them. They lost a kid, too. And to know he harmed so many... yeesh.
Stumpers said:
Yeah, it stinks to be them.


This is old, but I'd actually visited Norris Hall less than a month before the shootings for a robotics competition. Scary.
He was insane. Just like Jared Lee Loughner.

I feel so sorry for the parents of these people. This isn't a result of bad parenting. Some people are just insane.
I just remembered something. I heard that the reason behind his actions was that he was bullied or felt like he was bullied.

I'd really like a bullet-proof vest from now on. :(
You know what's the repercussion of this? From now on, most people won't think of Virginia Tech as a place where great kids learn to become great people or something, but that place where a kid killed thirty-two other kids. Nobody will want to go there because of its reputation.