Dumb Blonde Jokes

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Here's one:

Okay, so a blonde, a brunette, annd a redhead just robbed a bank. As they were running away, the cops saw them and ran after them. The three girls saw some sacks in a ditch on the side of the road. In a panic, they hopped in just before the police saw them. The officers went down to the ditch and kicked each sack. (No I'm not perverted) The one with the brunette in it said "ruff ruff" and the officer believed there was a dog in there. He kicked the next sack and the redhead was in it. She said "meow" and the officer believed there was a cat in there. The officer kicked the blonde's sack and she said, "potato".
Why did the blond cross the road?
Black Belt's dead.

It's funny cause he's dead.

A blonde goes to the barber shop. The barber asks her to take off her headphones, and she refuses. The barber forces her to leave. She goes to another barber, and this time he manages to convince her. The blonde suddenly dies during the haircut, and, panicking, the barber tries to find out what may have happened. He puts on the headphones, and hears nothing but "Breathe in, breathe out" repeating over and over again.
Here's a riddle. Why in the world are these moronic 'dumb blonde jokes' so popular?

Answer: Cuz people are idiots.

But we all knew that. ;)
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