Yes but story!


Monty Mole
You have to, well... here is a demonstration.
I have a lollipop.
Yes but you drop it.
Yes but I'm on the cleanest floor in the world.
I watch Blockhead on newgrounds and laugh.
Yes, but you laugh at everything.
Yes, but (insert long, drawn out math formula here) proves that cones=blocks.
Yes but this is a parallel universe and dull boys = hyper boys
Yes, but this isn't a parallel universe; it's a parallel dimension.
Yes, but *insert Harry Potter character here* kills everybody who spells bad.

Plus, you also spelled meant wrong.
Yes, but there are rabid chickens that are attacking us while we are arguing about the spelling rules of this dimension.
Yes but KFC really genetically enhances those chickens and we have to deal with 50 ton monster chickens now.
Yes, but they explode for no reason *Hides landmaster*