Mario Survivor - Fan Interaction Story by Waluigi Freak 99

The date: Monday, April 16, 2007. Sixteen Mario characters have just been stranded on a desert island. The castaways have divided into two tribes: Mario's Tribe and Luigi's Tribe. Each castaway's goal is to spend seventy days on the island. Their prize? $1,000,000.

But, it won't be easy. In addition to exposure to hunger, thirst, wild animals, and the unforgiving elements, each tribe will be forced to participate in various challenges. Some of these challenges, Immunity Challenges, are of vital importance to win. The losing tribe will be forced to report to Tribal Council, where the fans will vote out one member of the tribe, eliminating them from the game.

Welcome to Mario Survivor, hosted by MC Ballyhoo. Game starts tomorrow!

By the way, this is a bit different from the Mario Survivor thread on the Off Topic board. This one is a fanfic with a bit of fan interaction, as the other one is entirely a voting game without a storyline.

The Castaways: Mario's Tribe

Description: The leader of Mario's Tribe and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Signature Quote: "It's-a me, Mario!"
Luxury Item: Mega mushrooms

Princess Peach
Description: Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom who always finds herself rescued by Mario.
Signature Quote: "Mario, help me!"
Luxury Item: Parasol

Description: Mario's fun-loving dinosaur with a mile-long tongue and a bottomless stomach.
Signature Quote: "Yoshi!"
Luxury Item: Yoshi cookies

Description: Peach's servant and an expert on items, Toad serves the role of an advisor more often than a fighter.
Signature Quote: "Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle!"
Luxury Item: Harmonica

Description: Mario's rival in the plumbing business and a greedy treasure hunter.
Signature Quote: "Have a rotten day!"
Luxury Item: Money

Donkey Kong
Description: A goofy ape who has a love for bananas and occasionally butts heads with Mario.
Signature Quote: " (monkey noise) "
Luxury Item: Necktie

E. Gadd
Description: A mad scientist who spends his time doing research and inventing gadgets.
Signature Quote: " (incomprehensible gibberish) "
Luxury Item: GameBoy Horror

Description: The wannabe "shadow thief" of the Beanbean Kingdom with get-rich-quick schemes.
Signature Quote: "I'll be takin' that, see?"
Luxury Item: Rookie

The Castaways: Luigi's Tribe

Description: The leader of Luigi's Tribe and understudy to his brother's hero.
Signature Quote: "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"
Luxury Item: Diary

Description: Sister to Princess Peach and the ruler of Sarasaland and Luigi's love interest.
Signature Quote: "Hi, I'm Daisy!"
Luxury Item: Flower bouquet

Description: An evil dragon who persistently attempts to kidnap Princess Peach.
Signature Quote: "I'm the biggest, baddest brute around, and don't you forget it!"
Luxury Item: Meat

Bowser Jr.
Description: The apple doesn't fall far from the huge, sinister, fire-breathing tree.
Signature Quote: "Someday, when I'm older, I wanna fight that Mario again!"
Luxury Item: Bandana

Description: Wario's tall, lanky partner in crime who gets way in over his head with his schemes.
Signature Quote: "I'm-a Waluigi, the winner!"
Luxury Item: Vomit-inducing eggplants

Description: Toad's female counterpart who loves animals and cries easily.
Signature Quote: "I'm Toadette!"
Luxury Item: Stationery

Description: Peach's caretaker. In his mid-sixties, Toadsworth isn't as spry as he used to be.
Signature Quote: "Hi-ho!"
Luxury Item: Tea

Description: Once lackey to Cackletta, Fawful is known for his obscure metaphors involving mustard.
Signature Quote: "I have fury!"
Luxury Item: Headgear
Day One: Monday, April 16, 2007
Each tribe has been provided with a twenty-day supply of rice to eat, and a freshwater hole has been dug about a mile from the camp of each tribe. Their supply of water will be replenished consistently, however, they will be forced to gather their own meals once the rice supply has run out. Each tribe hopes to ration the food to the best of their ability. The tribes have also been provided with eight (unlit) torches each; one for each member of the tribe.

Mario's Tribe
Mario has already gotten the team hard at work, setting up camp. Seeing as they have a location close to the shore, they have little resources to work with and a tide to watch out for. Here's what some tribe members told our cameramen.

"Mario's been working us hard, but we all seem to be pitching in; even, surprisingly, Wario. The only one not pulling his weight is Popple, who just makes his Rookie do things for him. We've dug a fairly good sized hole and covered it with some bamboo, and created a barrier of sticks and wood to keep the tide from hitting us while we sleep. I'm surprised we got this done this fast! But, of course, Mario can do anything."
- Toad

"The fact that we've found several Fire Flowers is a definite plus. Now we've got a way to light our torches. Wario's volunteered to get the water every morning. It doesn't seem like him to pitch in and help anyone but himself . . . I wonder what he's up to . . . well, all in all, we had a great first day, and I'm ready for the Immunity Challenge coming up!"
- Peach

"Everyone's staring at me, like they're expecting me to actually work, or something. What's the big deal? My Rookie's already set up a hut for me and everything, so what's left for me to do? Other than hunt for treasures on the island, that is. Anyway . . . hey, is that a video camera? I could use one of those. I'll be takin' that, see . . ."
- Popple

Luigi's Tribe
This tribe, on the other hand, didn't have so great of a start. Their camp is in an area deep in the woods, so they have wildlife to keep an eye on. Much of their members are pretty uncooperative; only Luigi, Daisy, and Toadsworth have done anything to help.

"I've got a huge booger up my nose, but I can't pick it until people stop looking at me . . . oh, man, this really sucks."
- Waluigi

"We hardly got anything done. I've gathered some food and water, Toadsworth has started planning for rationing food, who does what, and that sort of thing, and Luigi's been setting up a few huts, but he hasn't gotten much done, with such little resources. And now, the people who just stood around whining are demanding the beds we've built! I can tell you right now: I hope we get a lot of people eliminated soon, starting with Fawful. I can't stand his stupid food metaphors."
- Daisy

"So far, I haven't seen any dangerous animals, save for a few Goombas walking around, but they haven't posed much of a threat. We need someone to stand guard each night, but, so far, no one's volunteered. We're not doing to well, and we need to improve - now!"
- Toadsworth

Next Update: Day Four: Thursday, April 29, 2007
Day Four: Thursday, April 19, 2007
Both tribes were seated on long tables, facing each other. A cake, prepared specially by Tayce T.'s Kitchen, sat in front of each of them. This was the first Immunity Challenge, and host MC Ballyhoo had decided to make it simple: A cake eating contest.

"All right, tribes. The game's easy. When I blow this here whistle, you chow down. The first tribe with all of their cakes gone wins."

Waluigi raised his hand. "I have a question!" he said.

"Too bad! GO!" MC blew his whistle loudly, destroying the eardrums of the six castaways closest to him.

Immediately, everyone began cramming cake into their mouths, save for Toadsworth, who took the time to cut his cake up into small slices and eat them with proper dining utensils.

However, after a few bites of eating, all of the members of Mario's Tribe began throwing up on the ground, much to the delight of Luigi's Tribe. Waluigi gestured towards his opened barrel of vomit-inducing eggplants, snickering. The Mario's Tribe castaways grew wide-eyed with realization: Waluigi had poisoned them all!

Luigi's tribe quickly devoured their cake and won Immunity from the vote. Mario's Tribe slowly began walking back to camp, realizing that, the next day, one of them would be sent home.

Please PM me with your vote as to who, in Mario's Tribe, should go home.

Next Update: Day Five: Friday, April 20, 2007
Day Five: Thursday, April 20, 2007
Here are some of the castaways' comments on the challenge.

Mario's Tribe
Naturally, the losing tribe was a bit disappointed. There was a bit of bickering as to who would be going home later that day. However, most managed to agree that it would most likely be Popple, who had hardly done anything to help and wasn't that likeable, anyway.

"I can't believe that MC Ballyhoo let Waluigi get away with that sneaky trick. It was disgraceful. But, on another note, I've been developing a new program for my GameBoy Horror, which will assist us with finding food, water, and provisions. I just know that, no matter what Luigi's Tribe resorts to, we'll come out on top."
- E. Gadd, translated

"He poisoned us so that his tribe would win! Pretty cool. I would've done that if I had thought of it . . . but you can be sure that I'll be getting even. A tongue for a tongue, and all that. Anyway, if anyone's going home tonight, it's Popple. He doesn't even try to help out around camp. You know that old saying, 'There's no I in GATHERING', or something like that."
- Wario

Luigi's Tribe
A lot of the members of the winning tribe gloated about their victory, but some criticized Waluigi's actions. Some offered speculation as to who would get voted off.

"Ha-ha! Just goes to show that brains beat no-brains! I've got plenty more eggplants to use for the rest of this competition. Bring it!"
- Waluigi

"I certainly don't approve of Waluigi's actions. They're childish and immature at best, and don't contribute to the tribe any. It makes me want to lose the next competition, simply for an opportunity for the fans to get rid of him. Anyway, it's my assumption that Wario will leave Mario's Tribe today. Waluigi's an idiot, and, my guess is that it's all in the family."
- Daisy

The Tribal Council
That night, Mario's Tribe used a Fire Flower to light their torches, providing a fire to guide their way to the Tribal Council hut. After a few miles of walking, they found it, and quickly entered, eager to get out of the night cold, but also wanting to get the experience over with.

"Well," MC Ballyhoo said, "I've counted all of the fans' votes, and it was a close race." Taking advantage of the team's anxiousness, MC began to taunt them. "Must've been pretty embarrassing, losing like that today."

"Mr. Ballyhoo," Luigi asked, "why not cut to the chase - and in a more respectful manner?"

"Sure. Well, not surprisingly, Popple -"

"Hey!" Popple cut him off, "why me? What did I do? I just got here! You can't send me home! I'll sue!"

"Um, Popple, how about you let me finish?" Popple shut up, and MC continued, "as I was about to say, Popple almost got the boot, but, in the end, the weakest link turned out to be none other than Professor E. Gadd!"

"What? Wha-wha-wha . . . me?" E. Gadd sputtered, in giberish, of course. "Why?"

"I guess the fans just wanted someone they could actually . . . hmm . . . I don't know . . . understand!"

E. Gadd sighed and left the island that night. And so, Mario's Tribe was one man down, with another day ahead of them.

Next Update: Day Six: Saturday, April 21, 2007


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oh no E. Gadd got canned!
Day Six: Saturday, April 21, 2007
Professor E. Gadd was the first castaway to get voted off of the island. It came as a big surprise to most. Here are some of there responses.

Mario's Tribe
Many members of Mario's Tribe questioned the reason for E. Gadd's departure, and several argued that Popple deserved to get voted off.

"I can't believe it. E. Gadd did so much for us. He was able to make technology out of coconuts. That is an invaluable resource, probably second only to making arm farts. He will be missed. AND WHEN WILL YOU STUPID FANS VOTE POPPLE OFF?!"
- Wario

"Obviously, the fans knew what they were doing. I mean, I'm far too attractive to get kicked out. E. Gadd . . . he's another story. Sixty-plus years old, and his voice hasn't changed yet. And you can't understand a word he's saying. He was a burden to us all, and I'm glad he's gone."
- Popple

Luigi's Tribe
Members of the other tribe responded with a bit of indifference towards E. Gadd's departure. While he was not the first choice of many, a lot admitted that they could do without him.

"I mean, I've never really talked to him much, so I don't really know him. But, I figure he was a help to Mario's Tribe, and they must be sad to see him go. I'm still wondering why the fans singled him out, rather than Wario, or perhaps that smelly Donkey Kong."
- Toadette

"I could care less about any of 'em! But why E. Gadd? Why not someone more annoying, like that pesky plumber Mario?!"
- Bowser

Tomorrow, another Immunity Challenge will take place. Keep watching to see who comes on top as the two tribes duke it out.
I voted E. Gadd. He seemed the most useless to me.... Popple DID help, he just did'nt do the work himself. (he made Rookie do it). I was thinking logically.

You're really good at this WF99......
Day 7: Sunday, April 22, 2007

At the beginning, each tribe was given a twenty-day supply of rice to sustain themselves on. However, nobody has enjoyed it very much, so they've been out searching for other food. Yoshi promptly devoured all of his Yoshi Cookies on the first day, and Mario's been rationing his extremely large Mega Mushrooms to his tribe. Waluigi's been keeping the eggplants to himself (as no one else wants to eat them). Most have been hunting through the woods, and a few have hunted Goombas to eat, although they weren't too tasty, either.

"Have you ever eaten a Goomba? Let me tell you, it's nasty! They taste all rubbery and they're way too chewy. I want to eat something like fried Hammer Bro. They're nice and spicy . . . um, not like I'd know from experience, or anything. That's just what I've heard around."
- Waluigi

Today, the two tribes competed in a relay race. It, like the first Immunity Challenge, was fairly simple. The three runners on each tribe were determined by chance: Bowser Jr., Daisy, Fawful, and Waluigi for Luigi's Tribe, and Toad, Yoshi, Mario, and Peach for Mario's Tribe.

The first stretch of the race was a quick dash through the sand. It was a straight path with no obstacles. The second was a bit harder: a run across a winding path that led up Tall, Tall Mountain. The third stretch required a jump from the mountain's waterfall and into the lake below, where they would swim to the shore. The two final racers would have to run through the woods back to the starting gate.

MC Ballyhoo drew his popgun and ordered the first two runners, Toad and Bowser Jr., to get ready. Wario, who was standing on the sidelines, saw the gun and freaked out, until Toadsworth calmed him down. MC fired the gun, and Toad and Bowser Jr. were off.

Each of them ran quickly. But, the rules of the game, anything goes, allowed for interfering with your opponent. Bowser Jr. blew flame breath at Toad, who avoided it by plucking a vegetable out of the ground and using it as a shield. The vegetable (now cooked, having a considerably decreased vitamin count) was now the perfect weapon to throw at Bowser Jr., which Toad did. Angry, Bowser Jr. picked himself up off the ground and ran harder than ever. Eventually, Toad and Bowser Jr. tied, arriving at the next two racers at the same time.

Next, Daisy and Yoshi ran. Yoshi, with his quick feet, was a superior challenger to Daisy, although she did very well. There weren't any major distractions during this stretch, and both contestants played fairly. Yoshi was attacked by a crazy monkey halfway through, which was why Daisy and Yoshi arrived at the top of the mountain at about the same moment.

Fawful and Mario immediately jumped from the mountain and landed unharmed in the lake. As fast as they could, they swam through the like, with Fawful taunting all the way. "This victory will be a sandwhich for us," Fawful said, "and your humiliation will be like the mustard on that sandwhich. It will-"

Fawful didn't complete the thought, for, in the middle of it, Unagi came out of the water and swallowed him whole. Mario stopped swimming and tried to help him, but MC Ballyhoo arrived on the scene first.

"Okay, we have a slight delay in the race," MC announced. "Don't worry, we have a plan for this." He turned to the crew and asked quietly, "We do have a plan for this, right? What? What do you mean there's no plan? Well, come up with one!" He then faced the camera. "Everything will be okay, and we'll have Fawful out soon."

Mario volunteered to go down below and help Fawful, but, since Fawful was a member of Luigi's Tribe, and was determined that Luigi would have to save his fellow castaway, or suffer the loss. Luigi was tempted to leave him alone, but eventually decided to go down and save him. Armed with a spear, Luigi killed the Unagi on the first try and pulled Fawful out. The whole time Luigi was dragging Fawful out, Fawful was screaming, "I HAVE FURY!"

Seeing as the entire race was delayed, MC decided that the winner of the Immunity Challenge would be whichever tribe won the last stretch. Waluigi and Peach ran through the trees as fast as they could, and they both did a good job of keeping up with each other, until the vomit-inducing eggplants caught up with Waluigi. He was forced to bend over as he emptied his stomach contents onto the ground, giving Peach a great advantage. Determined to stop her, Waluigi picked up a wandering Bob-omb and tried to throw it at her. However, it exploded in his face. Any hope of winning for Luigi's Tribe was now lost as Peach crossed the finish line, meeting her fellow castaways in victory.

Please PM me with your vote as to who, in Luigi's Tribe, should go home.
Day 10: Wednesday, April 25, 2007
With no way to light their torches, and, thusly, no way of seeing in the night as they headed to Tribal Counsil, Luigi's Tribe had a difficult time finding their way around the island. They got lost a few times, but eventually stumbled upon the hut.

They all gathered around the fire as MC Ballyhoo entered. "Well, boys and girls, you all know why you're here. It's because you all messed up and lost the match a few days ago. Waluigi, I've heard of plans blowing up in your face, but . . ."

"Ha ha ha . . . shut up!" Waluigi snapped.

"Oooh . . . angry little puppy. Well, I suppose you all want me to cut to the chase, so I won't talk about Fawful's humiliating defeat. Today, you're all going to say goodbye to one of your fellow castaways. He's a man who can be described with many different words. A tall, lean man who is one to lose his head often. A man . . . in serious need of deoderant. Ladies and gentlemen, today you will say goodbye to Waluigi!"

"WHAT!?" Waluigi exclaimed. "Why me?"

"Obviously you're too good-looking for the audience to handle," MC sarcastically said. "Anyway, the vote was unanimous, so say goodbye and get out of here."

Waluigi hissed and sat down belligerently. "I won't leave, and you'll have to force me if you want me gone."

MC just shrugged. "That can be arranged." Two Goombas with tranquilizer guns came out of the bushes and fired at Waluigi, knocking him out. They then dragged him away, thusly eliminating yet another castaway from the island.

Next Update: Day 11: Thursday, April 26, 2007.


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great, E. Gadd and Waluigi gone...
Day 11: Thursday, April 26, 2007
When Waluigi woke up, he was in his own house, lying in his bed. He was reported as saying:

"Yeah, I figured out why you got rid of me. I'm just too good for all of you. You're jealous, 'cause I'm awesome and you're not. Oh, well. I can live with being the best, even if it is hard work. My brother's probably gonna miss me, but I have a feeling he'll be coming home in the next few days. He's being way too fake."

Other comments included:

Mario's Tribe
"Why does everyone say I'm being fake? I've genuinely changed. I'm a nice guy now. WHY DON'T YOU IDIOTS GET IT?! Oh, sorry, sorry. The point is: I'm trying to be nice now. Oh, yeah, and Waluigi. Who was he?"
- Wario

"Waluigi . . . he was that angry, purple beanpole, correct? It was for the best. He didn't do much for his tribe . . . except for blow himself up, that is. I'm sure that the fans made the right decision."
- Princess Peach

Luigi's Tribe
"It's about time. Waluigi was extremely disgusting. He started hitting on me at one point. Um, ew? Then he asked for my phone number. Hello? We're on a desert island with no technology! Idiot! Well, it's usually sad to see a fellow castaway go, but, in this case, I really couldn't care less."
- Princess Daisy

Next Update: Day 12: Friday, April 27, 2007.
Day 12: Friday, April 27, 2007
Mario's Tribe and Luigi's Tribe were lined up on the shore of the island, awaiting MC Ballyhoo's arrival, at which point he would explain the Immunity Challenge to them. But, from the looks of how things were set up, it seemed fairly easy, and somewhat familiar.

There was a giant, inflated balloon in the shape of Bowser's head. There were several switches nearby. Mario immediately recognized it as Bowser's Big Blast, a mini-game from Mario Party 2. Characters would have to take turns flipping the switches. One switch would cause the balloon to explode. The tribe that caused Bowser's head to explode would have to vote someone out.

MC Ballyhoo arrived on the shore and explained just as much to the castaways. They formed into two single file lines. The first person in the line representing Mario's Tribe would flip a switch. Then, the first person in line for Luigi's Tribe would flip another. Then, the next person in Mario's Tribe would take a turn, and so on.

"Wait," Bowser said, "why are they blowing up my head? Why not someone else's?"

"Because," MC explained, "no one else has an ego big enough to fill up an entire balloon. Everyone ready? GO!"

Mario was first in line. He walked up to the row of a dozen or so switches and looked at each one carefully. "The purple one!" Wario shouted at him. "Press the purple one!"

Mario wondered whether or not to trust him, but, considering that Wario was on his tribe, and that he had shown remarkable improvement in character over the past week, decided to follow his advice. Mario pulled the purple switch. The Bowser balloon let out a little bit of air, but stayed intact.

Then Luigi was up, representing Luigi's Tribe. No one offered him any help. He decided to close his eyes, spin around, and point to one. He ended up pulling the red switch. Nothing happened.

Popple was now the one on the spotlight. He ran up to the yellow switch, plucked it out of the ground, and took off. "I've been needing a switch like this," he remarked, running away. "I'll be takin' this, see?"

Toadsworth yelled at him to stop. "Well, I say! Today's generation is in a pitiful state, stealing switches and whatnot. Get back here!"

"It's all right," MC said. "Those things are just cheap plastic."

"It wouldn't have gone off, anyway," Wario commented. When people began looking at him, he explained, "the yellow ones never set it off in Mario Party 2. That's the blue one's job."

Next, Bowser Jr. came up for Luigi's Tribe. "Yeah, like I'm gonna believe that the blue one always goes off," he said to Wario. "Look. I'm gonna pull this blue switch, and absolutely nothing is gonna happen." He pulled on the switch and got back in line. "You see? There's nothing - "

"3! 2! 1!" he heard. Then, BOOM! Bowser's balloon blew up, and Luigi's Tribe lost. Mario's Tribe went home, once again, with Immunity, and Luigi's Tribe would lose one more member.

Please PM me with your vote as to who, in Luigi's Tribe, should go home.

Next Update: Day Fifteen: Monday, April 30, 2007.


King Bowser
Seriously. The Yellow one doesn't go off. I played my cousin's game, 30 times in that level. Yellow never lost.
Day 15: Monday, April 30, 2007
Luigi's Tribe had gathered around the campfire in the Tribal Council. MC Ballyhoo was there waiting for them when they arrived. "Well, well, well. Hello there, all! We all know why you're here. Wario tried to warn you that the blue switch would make Bowser blow up, but stupid ol' Bowser Jr. here pulled it anyway. Now, who do you think we should get rid of?"

"There's no way that my son is going home!" Bowser roared. "He's a chip off the old block! It's Wario's fault for bringing that up!"

MC clicked his tongue three times, then muttered, "Temper, temper. You'll be pleased to know that your little prodigy here won't leave - yet."

"I'm not going?" Bowser Jr. said. "Sweet! I knew I was too awesome to get sent home!"

"Yes, you're a darling little boy," MC told him. "Tonight, you'll say goodbye to Fawful!"

"WHAT?!" Fawful yelled. "Why me? Is it because of my metaphors? Is that it? You have something against comparing relay races to sandwiches?"

"Apparently, they do," MC told him. "Now, shoo."

"Fine!" Fawful said. "But you haven't heard the last of me! I HAVE FURY!"

And, with that, one of the more annoying members of Luigi's Tribe was gone, and the castaways were all now one more step closer to winning the coveted prize.

Next Update: Day 16: Tuesday, May 1, 2007.


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Fawful deserved to be canned...


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