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Okay, because a bit of a debate (with was all my fault :D) was going on about this in the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games topic, I just thought I'd throw it in here. What's your favorite Sonic series Badnik?

Anyway, mine's definitely Buzzbomber, 'cause he's ridiculously classic and incredibly neglected. By the way, I did put this in the right place, right? Also, don't yell at me for not making this poll; there's about two hundred (very likely more) Badniks out there... I'm just thinking that that's too many for a poll.
... um... the ones you race in Sonic Riders (if those are badniks, I forget...)
They probably qualify as Badniks, but I hear that they've been renamed "Eggman's robots" in recent games. I haven't really played many recent games... And I don't happen to know who the Riders opponents are.
Goooo.... REXON!!!! (no, the debate was my fault.....)

And the Term "Badnik" was dropped starting with Sonic Adventure, but "eggmans robots" means basically the same thing.
Fire breath (The first mini-boss in Sonic3 & Knuckles), Big Icedus (Ice cap miniboss), Heat arm (Lava reef miniboss), and Red Eye (Death Egg Zone Miniboss).I like pretty much all miniboss but those are my favorite. I also kinda like Mecha Sonic, Motobug and Rexon.
ultimatetoad said:
no, the debate was my fault.....

Really? I was the one who kept on talking incessantly about Buzzbomber... Anyway, I had no clue there were so many Rexon fans. They are cool...

Roller... How I could have forgotten that dude?Certainly the best badnik of all time.
To be honest with you guys... I've only encountered him once. I've only made it to Spring Yard Zone once, and even there not past Act 1.
I like the little Eggman robot guys- They were in Heroes, even though I hated that game. I liked the robots though.
Aren't they sort of like those EggRobos from Sonic and Knuckles? I've heard that... but I've never seen an EggRobo. Sorry, but I'm terrible at S&K...

Yeah, they kinda look similar.

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You got a bit of a no-hotlinking message, there, Gofer; here's an image of Egg Pawn for all you comparers:

I like Buzzbombers, mainly cause I can't think of anything else...
Buzzbombers r teh kewlness. (LOLZ, every word in that sentence except "r" made my spellcheck go insane.) I'd really like to consult a hardcore Sonic fan about them; they seem so neglected... Anyone know any hardcore Sonic fans?
Buzzzbomber is moderatly popular in the Sonic fanbase.However, the Sonic3&Knuckle miniboss are very neglected.
Yeah, the fact that Buzzbomber's in the first Zone of the first game and is the original model of tons of ripoffs over the years must help.
YellowYoshi398 said:
You got a bit of a no-hotlinking message, there, Gofer; here's an image of Egg Pawn for all you comparers:


those guys pwn, they have a head, legs and to arms what more can ya ask for?
I guess he count... but I alway thought mecha-sonic from Sonic 3 & knuckle ws cooler.