The Simpsons Hit & Run


Why does Petey Piranha got to have haters?
Does anyone have The Simpsons Hit & Run game? I have it for the Gamecube. Just talk about anything about it.
I think it's funny when C.B.G says "I Hope I land on something I hate!''
He says this if the player makes the car go in the air.
Ugh... fun game (I have the PS2 version...) TERRIBLE lines...
I think I might have it for X Box, but, I'm not sure (I haven't played it yet. o.o;)
Mh. Simpons. M-E-H. Meh. Meh was actually first said by the Simpsons. So was CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEYS! I should play it. Nothing to lose but my brain. Wait, that was lost yesterday...
I have it, and beat it but for some reason my file got erased :(
It's funny when Chief Wiggum ironically yells "Call the cops!" when he gets hit, but the ironic thing is...he is a cop :lol: