make a Mario monopoly

there was a Nintendo monopoly so i decided to make a Mario Monopoly. anybody can join and make their own for any Mario Game. these are the monopoly spaces you need to replace

Old Kent Road -
Whitechapel Road -

Light Blue:
The Angel Islington -
Euston Road -
Pentonville Road -

Hot Pink:
Pall Mall -
Whitehall -
Northumberl'd Avenue -

Bow Street -
Mariborough Street -
Vine Street -

Strand -
Fleet Street -
Trafalgar Square -

Leicester Square -
Coventry Street -
Piccadilly -

Regent Street -
Oxford Street -
Bond Street -

Dark Blue:
Park Lane -
Mayfair -

Kings Cross -
Marylebone -
Fenchurch St -
Liverpool St -

here is a list of people on a monopoly project
Super Mario 64:
it doesnt really matter does it? i mean their all going to be named differently. also...

Park Lane - Bowsers' Sky (Final Level)
Whitechapel Road - Whomp's Fortress

ive taken these from the Monopoly game from the Wii (EDIT: and My monopoly board). so im just writing what it says. Do you have the proper one?