Mario Kart Revoloution (Galaxy/64/Sunshine Mario Kart)

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Mario Kart Revoloution is a mario kart game that should be made because these games are good and Mario Kart is good, so put them together... BOOM, you have an awesome game.

here is what i think it should be like: (12 Cups)

Wing Cup:
Peachs Castle
: You race through peachs newly designed castle. the new design is now more racing like, the paintings are on the walls in doubles and not in seperate rooms. and enemies come out of them and got back in the one on the other side. there will be traps like the room before the 1st Bowser fight (Peach/Bowser Painting). and more SM64 traits
Bob-Bomb Battlefield
: You start at the bottom and work youre way up while dodging enemies. the place where cannonballs come out of is part of the track when you go through their and come out of the side of that white hill and start the lap again
Bianco Hills
: You start at the beginning and go through the level. once you get to the fan there is a loop with boosts and you drive on them and aim you into the middle of the windmill and it blows you back to the start (Windmill is VERY Fast)
Good Egg Galaxy
: You race through The Good Egg Galaxy through Star Pipes (A Launch Star where gravity changes while you go through this yellow starry pipe. You drive on EVERY planet and Dino Phirana is an obstacle.

Delfino Plaza
Jolly Roger Bay
Ricco Harbor
Space Junk Galaxy

Luma Cup
Comet Observatory
Cool, Cool Mountain
Gelato Beach
Beach Bowl Galaxy

Bob-Bomb Cup
Big Boo's Haunt
Hazy Maze Cave
Pinna Park
Freezeflame Galaxy

Shine Cup
Delfino Airstrip
Lethal Lava Land
Noki Bay
Toy Time Galaxy

Bee Cup
Gateway Galaxy
Shifting Sand Land
Melty Molten Galaxy
Deep Dark Galaxy

Cap Cup
Snowman Land
Dire, Dire Docks
Pianta Village
Sand Spiral Galaxy

Ice Cup
Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Tall Tall Mountain
Sea Slide Galaxy
Honeyhive Galaxy

Boo Cup
Bowser Jrs Robotic Airships
Tiny-Huge Island
The Secret Space
Battlerock Galaxy

Plant Cup
Bowser's Dark Domain
Tick Tock Clock
Dusty Dune Galaxy
Ghostly Galaxy

Volcano Cup
Corona Mountain
Rainbow Ride
Dreadnought Galaxy
Gusty Garden Galaxy

Spring Cup
Bowser's Dark Galaxy Reactor
Snowman's Land
Buoy Base Galaxy
Rolling Green Galaxy

what do you think?