Wario: Swimsuit Ahoy!


Wild Cherry Pepsi ! Thats what I Want !
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i work really hard in paint on this, how do you like it?:

Sorry but... NEVER, never make Wario like that. I wouldnt mind if it wasnt... you know... bad. try making something "Better" and more worthwhile than wrinkly Wario next time
That's a hell of a lot better than I could do in paint. Now I'm going to try to erase that image from my mind before it invades my nightmares.
*covers eyes*

I thought it was pretty good, however it would be better if Wario had clothes on.
wow this is hot
Giygas said:
Thats exactly how wario looks like! good Job!
I guess it is. :)

...But it's ugly though. :P

@Booman: You only do that in Mindless Junk.