The Chomps


Hello Mario Wiki community and staff,

I have long been working on my own little animation series and would love it if you featured my first short (currently in the makings) on the Mario Wiki. If anybody would like to see it I would be glad to send you the first scene (30 seconds), just request it from . I have a sample to show if you accept.

Best regards,
Cool! I also like to make small animations in Flipnote Studio (free through DSi Shop). But this is a short, eh? It's WAY more advanced than an GIF. Thinkin' on requesting it.
The Chomps is my first animation series :).
I make it using Movie Maker and MS Paint, but I wish I had Adobe Flash Pro 8 (much better for animating). I am just a beginner, but I think I do a decent job.
I'll be glad to send you the first scene, or more, if you want. Just know that the scenes I send are not the final product. Music and little edits will be added later.

This sounds good, but shouldn't things like this be in the Fan Creations board?

*cues mod*