My new comic


Star Spirit

Genius :posh:

Yeah, I meant to say Carter in the first panel.
Mad Clown said:
That better be sarcasm...


Anyway, it looks pretty good. I like the custom Wario/Rudniki and River City Ransom guy sprites.
Crackin355 said:
No but Stephen Shinns colour scheme on Bowser looks good. and i dont research when there just comics
1) Yes it does
2) You probily should since comics like these are normaly full of in-jokes.
Crackin355 said:
for some reason, i regret posting here. and Jeff... you sound like a teacher :lol:
Gee, that makes me feel very happy with myself...

I'm sorry if I made you feel like that, I guess I'm more serious than what you're used to or something... :/
Zemus said:
But most of the crap on Userpedia is... well, crap.
I've tried to get those lazyasses to get up and actually put some effort into their comics, but Jorge and I are really the only people who've actually tried lately (and I'm not exactly known for my reliability when it comes to sticking to a single comic, so I'm always starting over or making new ones after I get to like the second issue). Hopefully, Uniju or Snack will make some comics, they always make the best ones.