Mario Boards Shorts Showcase Stream

Pink Cat

Not always Pink, not always a Cat
I will be conducting a stream of animated shorts recommended by users here, I don't have any set dates yet but I want to collaborate with everyone to see what will work best
Here is some rules
.To make sure it doesn't go on too long, the shorts must not go longer than 10 minutes besides the credits
.No screamers, nothing outright NSFW, nothing too gory, I will be watching these personally before the stream even happens so don't get any funny ideas
.Each user has a limit of 3 recommended shorts

I will be working out the best date and time to stream these with everyone who participates, please include your time zone to make this easier on me
Any in specific you have in mind? Because that video is over 10 minutes
I guess if I had to choose a few they would be The Snowmanotron, Shopper 13, The Snoozatron, The Bully Proof Vest, but really you can pick whichever ones you want