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The goal of this thread is to provide motivation and encouragement to viewers to help create the remaining course articles for Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Below is a list of all of the courses that donut have an article yet. Every time one is completed, I will cross it out or remove it from the list. After all courses have been completed, this will be moved to the "Completed projects archive".

Fluff-Puff Peaks:

  • Up 'n' Down with Puffy Lifts
  • Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace
  • Expert Badge Challenge Spring Feet I
Shining Falls: ALL DONE!

Sunbaked Desert:

  • Valley Fulla Snootles
  • Sunbaked Desert Palace
Fungi Mines: COMPLETE!

Deep Magma Bog:

  • Raarghs in the Ruins
  • Badge Challenge Boosting Spin Jump II
  • Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility II
Petal Isles:
  • Badge Challenge Dolphin Kick II
  • Badge Challenge Boosting Spin Jump I
Special World:
  • Shining Falls Special Triple Threat Deluge
  • Fungi Mines Special Dangerous Donut Ride
If I miss anything or if an article has been created and I didn't notice, please let me know!
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Later today I'm going to work on Armads on the Roll! I have the images I need and will start working on it soon.

EDIT: All done!
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February 7, 2024: I plan on working on the course Gnawsher Lair later today. Just a heads up everyone!

My images:IMG_5359.jpegIMG_5360.jpegIMG_5361.jpegIMG_5362.jpeg

EDIT: All done!
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Maybe this can be something I do daily. What I mean is that I create a new Super Mario Bros. Wonder article every day. Those courses would get done in no time!
Upshroom Downshroom is now complete thanks to CreativeDolphin42891!
February 8, 2024: Sunbaked Desert Special Pole Block Allure has an article now! It may be incomplete, but progress is better than no progress!
I think I know my next course article: Break Time! Tumble House! I will create it later today.

Update: Got my image!IMG_5376.jpeg

Another update: Course completed!
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Expert Badge Challenge Spring Feet II has been completed thanks to CreativeDolphin42891!
February 9, 2024: My article today is Break Tme! Floating Wonder Tokens! I shall start right away.

Update: Did it!
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New article! Deep Magma Bog Special Solar Roller has been created thanks to Mariofan28047!
OH MY GOSH SOMEONE MADE A REPLY! I was so lonely in this thread! I thought no one would say anything!
February 10, 2024: My article for today is Break Time! Timer Switch Climb! I'll begin working on it.

Update: All done!
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ATTENTION EVERYONE: I may not create articles for Super Mario Bros. Wonder during the week of February 11-17 2024. This is because I have projects to do for school. Don't worry though! I'll return to creating them after I complete my projects!
February 12, 2024: Pole Block Passage has been created thanks to CreativeDolphin42891! Amazing!
February 13, 2024: The Semifinal Test Piranha Plant Reprise has been started thanks to Mariofan28047! It'll get finished soon, I'm positive!
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I'M BACK EVERYONE!!! I have finally finished my Trixie Lulamoon Documentary for one of my classes! Do you know what this means? It means I can finally create more Super Mario Bros. Wonder articles! Hallelujah!
February 19, 2024: Later today I will create Break Time! Timer-Switch Dash! It's my first article in over a week, so I thought I'd start small.

UPDATE: My image:

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IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL EDITORS: Due to a recent proposal I made that just ended today, please incorporate the Wonder Effects into the "layout" section of the course articles.
February 20, 2024: I will be working on Pokipede Pass later today! It's on the "Spotlight" section of the newest 'Shroom issue, so I thought "why not create the article for it?"

I've got my images (thanks to EvieMaybe for uploading the Wonder Effect image):

UPDATE: All done!
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Maw-Maw Mouthful has been created thanks to Jdtendo! Hooray!
February 21, 2024: Today I'm gonna do something special. I will take suggestions for which course to do next! I will create the course article that the first user recommends to me. Only the first reply will count, so act fast!
@Swallow You got it! I'll work on it later today.

Update: All done!
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