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Are you excited for Mario's Madness v2, which has been under-development for over a year?

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    Votes: 1 33.3%
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So... we all know what this funny funker game is, although many call it dead. Personally, the mods are my favorite, and my gaming fingers get quicker and quicker because of FNF. So, what mods have you played, are anticipating, or can't beat?

{EDIT} Some of my favorites include Mario's Madness, Funkin' in The Forgotten Land. and Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix: GAME OVER. I'm anticipating Mario's Madness v2, Funkin.avi v2, and some unnamed Kirby mod. I cannot beat, however Funkin.avi's Malfunction (video in spoiler), although I'm one of the better players.

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