Let's make a Strange Small Town!


Koopa Troopa
We will create a small American town where there are events and phenomena so strange, we will give Twin Peaks, WA and Gravity Falls, OR a run for their money!

First reply chooses the name, state, quick history, and lists off the first strange event and/or phenomena.

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Tower of Bagel

One day, people gathered in one spot with a single unified goal: To build the tallest stack of bagels the world had ever seen.
They got to about chest height when they realized they ran out of bagels. They needed a windmill and bakery to make more. Manpower was quickly divided between construction and bagel crafting support chain. Then the birds attacked.

To prevent the seagulls from taking the bagels, a militia had to be formed. The noble knight house of Bagelshred. These brave warriors would give their lives in defense of the bagels (seagulls were unusually big and pointy this season). Much knight blood was shed in the avian war. They had to be really careful not to get any on the bagels, because that would have been gross.

However, greedy hearts sought to take advantage of the war. Soon the merchant class of bakery house Flourthrist turned corrupt. They began selling bags of grain back and forth among themselves to artificially inflate the price of supplies. This destabilized the entire economy and lead to a class divide where house Flourthrist controlled everything, and production stagnated.

The tower began to wither, and in their grief, the great bagel priests held hands in a circle around the tower and beseeched it for aid. As their tears began to stain the ground and form a ring moat underneath themselves, the bagel gods heard their plea and answered. The moat of tears spread out to a radius of about 30 kilometers and the tower of bagels began to emit a powerful mind control signal. The signal undid all of the corruption and converted everyone who was currently dwelling within or would later enter the ring moat area into a mindless drone, consumed by a desire to serve the bagel cause. Yes, this included the seagulls.

The Tower of Bagel currently stands 8 kilometers tall. Every attempt to approach it and do studies on it have resulted in the researchers and news reporters to lose their identities and become bagel drones. The government has recently declared the area as a quarantine zone and production and possession of bagels or bagel-likes is now illegal. The donut industry has suffered the most, but managed to adapt to this new political climate by making donuts square.