Looking for an old parody "Smashed Bros" / Drunk Bros


Hello there,

I'm looking for an old parody game, almost like "smashed bros".
Mario and Luigi had other names, like "Martinio" or "Maritinio", I don't remember well. They were drunk in the game.

The game's graphics looks like were done in mspaint. (very poor quality)

At the begining of the game, Mario and Luigi was in a place like a bar or something, talking to the princess.
For some reason, she calls Mario "a pig" and they get kicked out from the place.

Some of the dialogue looks like this:

Mario only says "its me Martinio/Maritinio!" and all Luigi do is burping.
Pricess says "Oh, you pig!"

The first level of the game is a common Mario level, but you're drunk, the controls are bad due to drunkness. There are vases falling from the sky and other things.

The second level is a top view kart driving.

The rest of the game I can't remember well.

If you know something about this, please share some info with me. I'm trying to find this parody in the web, but it looks like it don't exists no more.
just made an account to say I remember this and have also been looking for clues. My aunt gave it to me on a floppy disk in 2005
God this game sounds hilarious. I'd love to find a playthrough of it. God that dialogue LOL......and those bad graphics. Sounds like the kind of stupid thing I'd like watching just to laugh at it. Also sounds like the graphics for this game are possibly Hotel Mario-esque.