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Yoshi Mastar

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Think we should delete the people that registered for the Mario Wiki but havn't done anything in a long time? Like people who havn't made any edits for over 5 months.


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That's pointless. No.

And you can't even delete users through the MediaWiki software. I would have to manually go into the database and remove the individual user tables by hand. Really more trouble than it's worth. And I don't see what it's worth, either. So it's really just trouble.

Ghost Jam

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A lot of those people will pop back in sometime in the future anyway. Always nice to have a few extra hands, even if they are broken.

Paper Jorge

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Like they will come back. We have been waiting for them to come back for months...


Monty Mole
Why delete people? Steve is right. More trouble than an amount of nothing, which is of course trouble, resulting in the awkward kind of "trouble squared" math that causes people to drop out of high school.

Paper Jorge

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School is not cool...I have to go there tomorow!!! NO!

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