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Shy Gal of Pals
Hi! New to the scene and want to get involved so I figured what better way than to show some art!
Hope y'all enjoy and if you have any questions/requests or would like a commission I believe my pm's here are open for all members. Otherwise, you can also find me on Tumblr @Citrus-Shygal. Thank you thank you! 🧡

(Please don't leave replies in this thread, I appreciate the support but I'd prefer if this was just an art archive - thank you)
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Dinosaur Land princesses!!
Nep-Enut, Blargg, Rex, and a Buzzy Beetle and Spike-top(Not to be confused with a Spiny)!


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Stuff from a defunct guide for tumblr users. My writing style made it more confusing than it needed to be but people liked the art so, shrug emogi


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"Smithy banished Mario and friends from his dimension but kept Geno - trying to send the message "You didn't win. Not really."
He took the puppet and exorcised the star being, trapping it within a new form made from scraps.
He doesn't respect our star warrior, only seeing him as a tool, a new addition to his army.

The pieces used to construct this body already had scratches, dents and rust. But if you look closely it seems new stains have developed.. just below the eyes."