The Super Mario Boards Connected Universe


Koopa Troopa
Your job is this:

Posters will create the plots of stories, and I will have to guess how they are connected. You can use clues involving characters, events, fictional brands, fictional media within the stories, or anything else. You can make as many stories as you want!

I will link them in a web I am developing over on

You can make your story in any medium you want, as long as you give a description of said medium.

If we get enough stories, I might just make a wiki… ;)

For other stories, you can even make direct crossovers to make my life easier!


Bulldog Bowser
Mario defeats Bowser in the Sky.

Luigi defeats King Boo in King Boo's Illusion.

Mario and Yoshi defeat Giant Bowser in his Bowser Head Fortress.

Hint: it has to do with the location!