Issue 194

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird With Batrachotoxin
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Hooded Pitohui
Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! We're zooming through May, with big things on the horizon for this summer as Awards season kicks off, so you may want to read issue 194 of The 'Shroom to get all caught up before things pick up!

Be sure to give the Staff Notes a read this month for some important information about the Awards polls, including the answers to such important questions as "when do the polls open?", "how many votes do I get?", and "how long are the polls open?". There's even information about when presentation sign-ups will open up, which I'm sure everyone will read, because everyone's going to sign up to present this year, right? That's the spirit! Go for it whether it'll be your first time or your tenth!

Don't stop there, though! Go take a look at everything else packed into this issue! Dust off your Wii consoles and help the Wiki get some info on Mario Super Sluggers! Get fully up to date with the Awards in Pipe Plaza and see a robot with a massive legacy! See Wario in Palette Swap, masterful commander of armies, and then see him again, getting into some shenanigans! Listen to some jams and get cozy in Critic Corner, and play some games and learn about US Vice Presidents in Fun Stuff. Watch out for horrors in Strategy Wing this month, too, swooping in from the sky or arriving in… well, you'll see.

While you're at it in Critic Corner, be sure to give the final edition of Northern Verve's All-Time Smash Merit Ranking a read! Now that we're at the grand finale, we finally have the full ranking list, so go forth and see where your favorite Smashers fell. Thank you for your contributions, NV!

Alright, all of that said, you should go off to read, and you should keep working on movies-and-cinema-themed special submissions for issue 195, so I'll let you get to it! Enjoy, and good luck!