Issue 193

Hooded Pitohui

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Hooded Pitohui
Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! Issue 193 is ready for you, and there's plenty for you to see, so go and give it a read!

In addition to all of our usual offerings for you, we have a couple of pieces of news for you. First, while our highest priority this year is preparing issue 200 (don't forget that you can submit special sections for issue 200 at any point before November 11th!), we do have a special theme planned for our June issue!

To kick off the summer and to kick off Awards season, issue 195 will, in recognition of The Super Mario Bros. Movie's success, be themed around movies and cinema! As always, it's not a requirement that your sections match the issue's theme, but you're welcome to and encouraged to try and give your sections a silver screen-spin for June!

If you'd like to submit any special sections for issue 195, we invite you to do just that, as well! Maybe you'd like to take on the role of a Mushroom Kingdom film critic and make up a Mushroom World movie to write about in Fake News, perhaps you'd like to share some trivia about your favorite film in Fun Stuff, or perhaps you even want to review a real film (possibly even The Super Mario Bros. Movie) in Critic Corner? All of those ideas and more will work! You can even rank popular theater concessions if you want!

That's the big news, but don't miss the news about Awards season we've included in the issue, either. Check out Waluigi Time's Sub-Director notes and Anniversary Announcements (it's back!) in Pipe Plaza for more information, but know that the Awards Committee has started its work and know that the voting period for Awards this year has changed. Be sure to read up on those changes.

As for any more news, fake or real? It's best if you find it out by reading the issue, so go off and see what our writers have made for you this month!