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No, St00by, I did not haxor any access rights. Girrr kindly gave me the contents of your post:

[10:20:29] <|Girrrtacos|> This might seem like a crazy idea, but I think something should be done.
[10:20:29] <|Girrrtacos|> #mariowiki is basically the home for a bunch of trolls who come by multiple times a day, a bunch of users who really have no respect for each other, and nearly an entire staff of Operators that is beyond incompetent. Every time I go into chat -- which is very rare now, granted -- there's some idiotic flame wars, trolling, bitching, and back-stabbing going on. What do the Ops do? Absolutely nothing! They're too busy playing games
[10:20:29] <|Girrrtacos|> When I'm not on chat, I get PMs daily from users on the forums who complain about how horrible the chatroom is, and how absolutely horrendous the Ops do at their job. People are constantly breaking the rules there, and hardly anyone does anything about it. The chatroom is also the birthplace of many of the wiki's feuds that turn into a disaster. Even the chatroom's founder, Porplemontage, does nothing to stop this.
[10:20:29] <|Girrrtacos|> Thus, I'd like to propose shutting off #mariowiki from regular users. In other words, we would demote all of our current Ops who aren't Sysops, then restrict channel access to Sysops and Patrollers. Again, this would probably be temporary, but we'd seriously need to reconstruct the chatroom before opening it back up to the general public. And if it still didn't pan out well, #mariowiki would stay a Sysop/Patroller-only channel.
[10:20:29] <|Girrrtacos|> I'm not trying to offend the Ops, because a good portion of you all are my friends...but damn, you guys suck at being Operators. 9_9

When I was prodding ChaosNinji, in his own rare chat appearance, about the recent banning of Uni, he said I did not know the whole story (to that effect - the actual verbatim was a bit more...CN-ish. :P ). But having been around chat for entire days, even a week at a time this summer, and actually having the longest history in the chatroom by definition, I'm pretty sure I can talk nice & cleanly about this - and since you're hardly in there, I'd like to set some things straight for everyone.

1. Troll(s?) do not come in everyday. Yes, there is Maria, but I haven't heard any major issue this entire month. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure that's the only troll in awhile.
2. We respect each other in our own way. We each do our own thing. Many of us are kids who tease because it's fun [for them]. I haven't seen any genuine hate at all, perhaps some general dislike in a couple of cases, but in no way at all is it a fighting zone. People respond when I post the stupid other votes of the awards with the usual LOLs and ROFLs, and all that stuff. I find myself in an above-average community to be honest.
3. The ops ARE incompetent, but again, so what? You are right about the games - S-Y does a lot of netplay, etc. Neu leaving wasn't the best thing. So when things get a bit hectic, it escalates more than it should, and that is where the most "rules" are broken (which need to be rewritten to stop b****ing on the small things and focus on the bigger stuff) But we need sysops to appoint ops, since they should know the users the best...but oh my! I haven't seen a competent sysop as an op lately. Not even a crat who may know even more. Steve doing his thing is something I have always been outspoken against, but I will assume he won't be a factor in this little squabble as usual.
4. Wiki feuds...what feuds?? I never heard of such a thing ever. That stuff probably breeds off of users trying to get their own chat and getting jealous or something. Any user causing enough global dislike is actually banned by - wow - semi-competent ops when they are called! Nice.

So, again, St00by, as you admitted yourself, (and to be frank) you don't have any *bleep*ing idea what the situation is. There will always be active users on chat but they aren't going to be there the whole time they are technically online. I consider myself an active partaker in there but I watch the Red Sox games, do some ROM stuff sometimes (often overlooking the chat as the first background window), eat, read summer maybe there isn't another 24/7, Neu-type person out there, but does the chat NEED 24/7 surveillance? I certainly think not.

Also, there will be a major backslash if you do not use a proposal to try to restrict chat, in fact, this probably requires Steve's approval as well. So you will have to overcome quite a bit if you choose to continue with your faultily-reasoned idea.
Chat is not shutting down.

Don't worry. There wasn't enough support for the idea, so it's not gonna happen.

Let me repeat myself one last time for anyone who didn't get me the first time:

The chatroom will not be shutting down. There was not enough support for the idea, and it will cause more problems in the long-run. It's no longer an issue.
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