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This is a thread that will feature my short stories in relation to Megaverse and other projects. Please enjoy and leave feedback if you have any!
This story connects to the second tale in Tales from the Megaverse, so if you enjoyed this please go check out that as well.

The characters of Camila and Luz are played by Cosmic Cowboy. I came up with the idea for this story to explain an event that is alluded to. Special thanks to him.

Lost in the Blink of an Eye
Gazing into the backyard and watching her daughter play was one of Camila's favorite pastimes. She had so much imagination within her, it was never a dull moment with Luz. Sipping her coffee, she stepped onto the porch of their house on Terra and sat in one of the wooden chairs. "Stand back, you big, foul beast! With my trusty staff, I'll blast you to smithereens! PEW! PEW! BANG! KA-BOOM!" She ran around in the grass carrying a large stick. "Foolish warrior, do you really think I can be destroyed?! It is you who will be made into little pieces!"

Camila covered her mouth with her hand and chuckled softly. Luz danced around the yard and swung the stick, with her mom keeping a close eye on her to make sure she didn't accidentally hurt herself. "Yeah, get that monster, Luz! Show 'im who's boss!", Camila called out. Luz pointed the staff at multiple things while mimicking explosion noises. Finally she pointed at a big tree and prepared to make another explosion noise.


Luz visibly jumped into the air as the ground rocked from the sound of the explosion. "Wowzers! This thing's got-"


The sky started filling with black smoke and turned a firey orange as both looked upwards. Camila rushed out to grab her daughter as a swarm of flying robotic ships zoomed over head. She heard a couple more explosions as the ground shook. "Mija, everything's going to be just fine! Just hide your head in my shoulders and don't look up!" Entering her house, she grabbed whatever she could, including a picture of her husband and her with Luz, and made for the front door.

"Mama, w-what's going on?! Did I accidentally hurt the tree?" A rush of people from their neighborhood attempting to evacuate was what met the both of them head on. Screaming and yelling deafened the instructions for properly and safely evacuating. "Oh, no... no, no, no... not here. This can't be happening to our home..." Camila never thought the war would reach her doorstep. Robotnik (more so his right-hand man, Grievous) was on the warpath with invasions and taking over the galaxy. Camila's husband was too sick to go fight and until he passed away from cancer the previous year, they were able to block out the harsh events that occurred almost daily.

Now, it seemed they had no choice and had to face reality. Carrying her and Luz's belongings in a duffel bag, she joined the crowd of people waiting to get out of there. Nearly three hundred civilians were together in a massive group; sitting ducks for Grievous' army. Immediately, Camila heard the sounds of blaster fire from all sides and the crowd began scrambling. Towards her. Away from her. Some even dropping dead before her very eyes. A nightmare.

She closed her eyes and placed her head down. "Que todo esto acabe... despiértame de esta horrible pesadilla..." Her hands felt empty when she opened her eyes again.


Camila started releasing several quick deep breaths as she looked frantically for her daughter. The nightmare had just gotten worse. "No, no, no, no...! LUZ! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!" A person collided and knocked her down to the asphalt, turning the whole world black.

A few hours later, a bright light pierced her vision. Lights from the inside of a medical ship. A tall man with a gray beard stood over her and spoke in an authoritative voice. "Ma'am? My name is Doctor Welan Belkari. Do you know where you are right now?" Camila rubbed her throbbing head. "My baby... have you seen her?"

"I assume she resembles you? No, we have not, ma'am. Did you lose her during the attack on Terra?" It all came back to her and she turned away from Dr. Belkari. "She's gone... I don't know where she is..." Camila dug her head into the pillow, masking her tears. "Ma'am... it's going to be okay. The Resistance will make sure to find your daughter. What's her name?" He pulled out his telescreen.

"L-Luz. Luz Noceda..." Dr. Belkari typed the name down into his telescreen and nodded. "Thank you, ma'am. I'll send the name to our search and rescue group on Terra."

After the doctor left, she pulled the picture of Luz with her and her husband out from her duffel bag. "Emmanuel... Qué vamos a hacer...? ¿Dónde estás para consolarme...?"

As soon as she would be released, Camila made it her goal to find her daughter and avenge the attack on Terra. Grievous won't take her baby away. Not on Mama's watch.
Journal entries from the Ravodkian scientist Grammot Serhon,
As translated by the Galactic Standard Transcribers at the Marcuso Higher Education Academy

ENTRY #12,890 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/54 at 800 hours

As the caffinating substance within me subsides, I received news from my friend and colleague, Deros Gran, a Viltariem scientist, that a ship of unknown origins has landed on his home planet of Vilta Prime. His people are going to inspect it and bring back reports on the tests they will run. Excitement flurries through me; is this a new species from worlds afar? Perhaps one we have never seen before in our lifetimes?

ENTRY #12,891 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/55 at 1200 hours

Deros' tests on the ship prove it to be of alien origin. This is furthered by the inhabitants of the ship opening their hatches and coming down to the surface. They seem to call themselves "Hoo-min", and are led by a woman of their species only called "F" and serving under their deity known as "Pressadint".

My suspicions were correct and I sit here rejoicing. Tomorrow I shall travel to Vilta Prime and greet them myself.

[ENTRY #12,892 LOST]

ENTRY #12,893 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/57 at 300 hours

When I arrived on Vilta Prime, my multiple hearts had shattered. The "Hoo-min" species were waging war against the Viltariem species. I was nearly deceased myself when one of them tried to use its weapon on me.

"F" stood atop a crate with her red colored hair, proclaiming the "Hoo-min" species to be superior. She was rallying her people to take over the planet. As a Ravodkian, I am a pacifist. It's in our nature. In ten billion centuries we have not fought a single enemy nor fired a bolt.

My report to the Intergalactic Forum will be submitted upon the moonlight's hour. The "Hoo-min"'s will not be without consequences for their injustice against the Viltariem culture.

ENTRY #12, 894 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/58

It's worse than I thought. Five planets in our sector (12) have been visited by the Human war-wagers. Countless acts of brutal violence only to steal our land. The eight remaining heads of our sector at the Forum have come together to decide how to punish the Humans. Sectors 34, 19, and 23 have all discussed the probability of battling these Humans. I have picked a hidden asteroid seclusion not far from Sector 12 where I can observe the events without getting involved.

[ENTRIES #12895 - #12945 LOST]

ENTRY #12,946 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/88

Deros Gran was found deceased in his home, murdered by Humans. This conflict cannot continue.

ENTRY #12,947 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/89

Sector 12 has been totally claimed by the Humans. Sources have told me that several other Sectors have been conquered by Humans. The original planet of Vilta Prime has reclassed as "Terra". There must be a way to stop this.

ENTRY #12,948 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/90

The Humans have offered peace. A treaty to stop the fighting and become united. Most of the Sectors are unwilling to cooperate with the uninvited debauchers of our Sectors. I, however, have chosen to sign if it will end the violence against our planets.

ENTRY #12,949 - Galactic Time Code: 3546/91

Treaty has been signed by the Sectors and put in place immediately. The Humans have forgiven us for their actions, but we will not forgive them. Never.

FINAL ENTRY - Galactic Time Code: 3689/78

I have come to the conclusion that the Human species intrigues me here in my final hours. While formerly a race of conquerers and destroyers, I'm glad to see them intertwined with the galaxy now. However, several species still hold grudges against them. Humans just wanted a better life

End of Journal Entries by Grammot Serhon
Grammot Serhon died of natural causes while writing the final entry in his journal. These entries were the only surviving aspect from his home on Ravodki when Grievous' war destroyed it. Serhon's legacy as a scientist and pacifist will carry on infinitely.
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A girl with golden blonde hair was held in the arm of a hefty human-alien hybrid wearing a tattered suit and coat sitting next to her on a couch. She watched the screen of the holovision off and on, switching between her dream of leaving the gang the man was a part of and the dramatic show playing.

"Cayde… baby. I love you. You're so beautiful." The man said, caressing her cheek softly. Cayde said nothing. He had taken a liking to her ever since she had joined the gang involuntarily. The man pushed Cayde's head in his direction and smiled. "I couldn't think of anyone else to be with tonight." His deep, bellowing voice resonated with her as something she loathed about him, among other things he did.

"I… need to go. It's getting-" The man growled and held her down with his big arm. "Karrsten, please. I'm serious. I don't want to stay here…" Karrsten twitched his mouth into a grimace and took his arm off of Cayde. When she got up and walked past him, a pull of the arm brought her back. "I didn't say you could leave, now fetch me a drink."

Reluctantly, Cayde walked over to a small kitchen off to the side of the room, grabbing a can of Farosian ale for Karrsten; his favorite. She handed it to him and sat back down without any more words.

"You didn't grab one for yourself? Why not?!" Karrsten fumed over his partner's lack of alcohol in her hand. Cayde rolled her eyes and went to go get another can, but Karrsten made her trip over his meaty leg. She was grabbed by the ponytail and made to sit upright. "I'm sorry, I just don't like drinking! It has a bad taste to me!"

Opening the can of ale, Karrsten took a sip of it. He then spit it out deliberately on Cayde. She recoiled and fell to the floor covered in the drink.

Laying there motionless and letting the glow of the holovision illuminate her, she closed her eyes and plunged deep into her thoughts. How could she let this man treat her so poorly? He claimed to love her, but the relationship was one-sided. Besides, Karrsten was the head of a criminal organization and could do whatever he felt like doing, regardless of consequence. There was no definition of "no " or "stop" to him.

After this event and watching some more holovision, Karrsten slammed his ale quite heavily on the small table next to the couch and waddled his way over to a cot that could barely support his weight. "Cayde… baby. Come over here and let me kiss you goodnight."


"Cayde? You better not have left me." Karrsten released a quick belch and patted his large gut. Only his breathing could be heard.

Finally, Cayde appeared standing over the human with her hands behind her. "There you are! Where the hell have you been, Cayde?!" She sucked in a deep breath and pulled a L-shaped object from her back.


Dropping the blaster on the ground and following soon with it on her knees, Cayde silently stared at the aftermath of Karrsten's karma. A single blast wound inflicted to his heart. Dead in less than thirty seconds. He stared blankly back at her, unmoving.

She was supposed to feel relief, but instead only found a slight hint of remorse amongst her ire for Karrsten. Exiting the dilapidated home of Karrsten Grea, Cayde climbed into his ship and started the engines.

In the deafening roar of twin ion capacitors rumbling, Cayde threw her head down on the controls and sobbed. She wished that killing wasn't the way to free herself from his grasp.

Punching in a random set of numbers for coordinates into the navigation system led her to discovering the planet of Aquilis. A perfect place to escape to. Grabbing the steering mechanism, she piloted the small cruiser away from the home and into the skies above.
A young man with brown hair and purple colored eyes walked into the circular hall of Aquilis Academy of Technology. Clutching a book labeled Hyperdrives and adjusting his dark blue jacket, he prepared to begin his first day at the academy learning how to construct hyperdrives.

That is until a girl with golden blonde hair collided into him, sending them both to the red tiled floor. "Ow! Hey, you should really be more-" The two locked eyes, purple against blue. The man helped Cayde up from the floor and brushed off her shoulder. "S-Sorry… I didn't mean to…"

"It's okay, ma'am. We all make mistakes. What class are you heading to? Me, Hyperdrives 101." the man replied. "Class? I don't go here… I came to get away from… my past." Cayde looked downwards at the man's shoes. They were much shiner and cleaner than Karrsten's.

"Oh, you must be a Marcuso Preparatory School student then if you have a past. Sorry, in-joke between me and my buddies. What's your name?" the purple eyed man extended his hand to Cayde. "Cayde… Cayde Shilen…"

"I like that name, I'm Zerris Huston. Pleasure to meet you. I better get going for my first day, goodbye, Cayde."

Zerris was held in place by Cayde. "You're the first guy I met in a long time who hasn't swore or called me anything. Can I come with you, please?" Zerris looked deep into Cayde's eyes and saw them twinkle from the lights of the room. "Starshine. How's that?"


"Well, you said I hadn't called you anything. Your eyes shine like stars, so I'll call you Starshine." It was the moment Cayde and Zerris' relationship began, as she gave him a kiss directly on the lips. "I think I like that name. Can we see each other later?" Cayde stated in her first joyful emotion since leaving Karrsten.

"How about now, Starshine?" Ditching the Hyperdrives book, Zerris wrapped Cayde in his arms and the two walked out of the main hall together. He made it his mission to make sure she was loved and cherished by someone who actually cared.
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Goodnight Brain

It was yet another hard day's work… that ended in failure. Returning to ACME Labs, two white mice: one tall and dopey named Pinky and one stout and intellectually superior than his partner named Brain were discussing their next plan for overthrowing the Earth.

"Zort!" cried Pinky. "We should create a fast food restaurant and market our products toward young children, that way we can keep feeding and feeding and feeding them, until we're the richest people in the world! NARF!" Brain muttered something under his breath and rolled his eyes. "It's called McDonalds, Pinky… You just passed by it."

"Oh, hee hee. Sorry, Brain. All this world domination stuff really makes me sleepy."

"You, sleep? I can hardly believe my ears." Brain retorted. Entering the labs through the giant double doors, the two climbed up to their cage. A yawn erupted from both and off to bed they went; Pinky curled up in the middle while Brain inside a carefully crafted bed in the corner.

11:00 PM

"No, Grandma… I don't want to watch Knitting with Jerry Lee Lewis… that's too much bacon grease, Grandma… I SAID THAT'S TOO MUCH BACON GREASE, GRANDMAAAAAA!"

Pinky awoke with a horrible fright. Grandma made too many strips of bacon and made him watch her programs on the recliner. For the third time this week. "Poit… what a terrible nightmare! I better go wake Brain and tell him what happened!" Laying comfortably in bed and clutching a keychain of Earth, Brain failed to notice his sidekick approach him from behind.

"Psst, Brain! Brain! Braaain! I had that night terror again!" He fearfully spoke to the asleep mouse. Brain grumbled and realigned his hold on the small world. Poking his large ear and yelling, Pinky tried getting him to wake up. "BRAIN! BRAIN! TELL GRANDMA TO STOP MAKING SO MUCH DARN BACON!!!!"

"Who- Wha- Huh- PINKY! It's almost midnight, what could YOU possibly want at this hour?!" a tired Brain responded, still holding the keychain. "Grandma overloaded the oven with too much bacon and now the house is flooded with bacon grease! Can I sleep with you so I'm not swept away in all the grease, please?" Pinky pulled the puppy dog eyes on him and clasped his hands together. Lifting up the cover and motioning to Pinky to get in, he sighed heavily and rubbed his eyes. "Thanks, Brain! That'll show Grandma! NARF!"

Brain returned to the bed, now joined by Pinky. Finally, he could get back to-

"Hey, Brain. Which do you like better: hot fudge sundaes or banana splits?" Pinky questioned. Of course. He knew this would be a bad idea from the start. "Neither, go back to sleep." Eyes closed.

"Okay, one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?" Eyes went back open. "Guess you won't stop until I answer, duck sized horses…" Eyes closed again.

"Brain, if we had human names, what would they be? My name would have to be something short and sweet, not too long, but it has to be one that people would know and recognize. OOH! I know it! My name is Rob! What do you think?"

Silence, only the sound of shifting bed covers.

"You'd probably want something intelletectual or smart, how does Maurice sound? I like that! Rob and Maurice! Ha, ha, ha! We sound like a couple of actors!" Eyes opened once more and didn't seem to go back down.

7:00 AM

The alarm clock beeped and a mouse hand sluggishly turned it off. Rising up from the covers slowly, Brain's eyes were bloodshot and had hideous bags underneath them. Soon after, Pinky jolted up, happy as can be. "Goood morning, Brain! Sleep well, I presume? NARF!" he jovially asked.

"Good… morning, Rob…" Flumping back down in the sheets, Brain was more tired than he was last night, all thanks to his friend asking him inane questions.

"Oh, you like the names, I'll start the coffee, Maurice!" Pinky sprinted from the bed and over to the coffee machine outside the cage, leaving Brain alone.

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-Mushroom City Car Wash-

Swimming Lessons


Zerris took a dive from the edge of the indoor pool and rocketed to the other end before returning to where he started in front of Cayde, who was timing him.

"How was that? Better than last time?" Zerris said between breaths. He climbed on to the orange pavement and wrapped himself in a blue towel.

"Shaved a couple seconds off, you were pretty fast." Cayde whipped her golden blonde hair behind her and stretched. While she was stretching, one of the little Toads to the right of her jumped into the pool and soaked her with the splash. "Woah!" Cayde fell backward toward the ground, but was stopped halfway by a pair of familiar hands. "Woah, indeed. You wanna try beating my time?" Zerris did a little grin and put her back on her feet.

Cayde sheepishly stroked some of her hair and turned to the side. "No… I don't…" She looked at her boyfriend a little somberly. "…I don't know how to swim… I'm afraid of getting in."

"Afraid? Why?" Zerris wrapped her in the towel and moved closer to Cayde to get an answer.

"Are you scared of drowning?" She nodded. "You won't drown, I promise. I'll be right next to you until you don't need me. Alright?"

Cayde took the towel off and watched as Zerris got into the pool, extending his hand toward her. "Ready? We'll start with the basics." He had a smile spread across his face that said "Trust me, I know what I'm doing" and eagerly awaited Cayde to grab his hand.

She shook a little as the two joined hands and guided her into the water. Descending down into the blue, Cayde's eyes grew wide as it nearly reached her neck. "Okayokayokaythatsgooddontletgodontletgo." Zerris held her hand up to show that she would fine. "I won't let go until you want me to. Now, we're going to slowly make our way to the center. Ready?"

The edge and Cayde were bonded together much like with Zerris. "Let go of the edge, please. Nothing's gonna happen to you, okay?" He pecked a little kiss on her cheek and flashed the smile again. After what seemed like ages, Cayde let go of the pool's edge.

"Excellent. Ready?" Cayde sucked a staggered deep breath and closed her eyes as Zerris brought her to the center of the pool."I wanna g-get out, this was a horrib-ble mistake…" She felt a tap on her shoulder and opened her glossy eyes. His purple eyes met with her blue ones. "This isn't a mistake, you're okay. We're just going to start off easy."

He dove under the water and spun Cayde in a circle. Once he popped back up, his brown hair was shiny and dripping with water. "I want you to start by going down." Zerris put his free hand on her bare shoulder and patted it twice. "Trust me. I'll be right here."

"Nononononono!!!! I don't want to! I don't want to drown! Take me back!" Cayde thrashed and hugged her boyfriend tightly. "Cayde… it's going to be okay. I will not let you drown. Watch me." He dove back down again and spun her in place once more.

She swallowed hard and did a deep breath as he went back up. "I'll help you get in." Zerris said, holding her shoulder. "No, no, no, no!" Cayde seemed to feel like a small child. Zerris felt somewhat the same way. "On the count-" She tensed up and held Zerris' arm.

The rest came out as a sigh. "Cayde, I've told you multiple times that you would be okay. Please, I promise you won't drown or get hurt. You'll be fine. All we're doing is going down for a couple seconds. Can you handle that?" Cayde released a tearful sob and nodded slowly. In less than ten seconds, Cayde and Zerris entered the water below them.

All she saw was blue water and the distorted form of Zerris with a massive sting in her eyes that worsened her woe. Ultimately terrified, she tried screaming for Zerris but it only came out as a load of bubbles into his face. She started kicking her legs rapidly and moving her arms around until her head popped out on to the surface. "ZERRIS?! HELLLLP!!!! I DON'T WANNA DROWN!!!" She rose up eventually back to where she was.

Continuously kicking her legs slower and slower, Cayde realized something. She held both of her arms to her face and found that Zerris wasn't there.
More importantly, she was swimming. On her own. The sadness quickly turned to happiness. "I-I'm doing it! I can swim! Z-Zerris, look! I'M SWIMMING!"

Zerris popped up a couple feet behind her and smiled, knowing that it took a little while to get her to finally achieve the goal. She turned around to him and moved closer. "I'm proud of you, baby. I really am. Wanna move onto the next lesson?" The two met and kissed.

"Absolutely." Cayde said jovially as the two made their way back to the center of the pool as the sun began to set.
A Valentines Day Poem from Zerris

I love you
Three words that carry a lot of power
That show my emotions are true
And mean much more than a simple flower

Through thick and thin
You'll always know
My arms are safe to fall in
When the world seems ready to blow

All I have to say is I love you
-Tales from the Megaverse-

WARNING: The following story may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning to some readers. This story contains mature topics being discussed.



"Stupid… *incoherent muttering*"

A disheveled man clutched a basket in his left hand, staggering to find a location that would be a perfect place to put it. Having a black eye and red scratches all over his face, it had been clear that he had been in an altercation of some sort. He did not care that he was dripping blood from his lip, nor did the sounds of a crying baby bother him in the slightest.

"All I wanted was for her to take me back… but no… NO! SHE JUST HAD TO MARRY THAT SON OF A… ergh…" He took a big swig of alcohol and wiped a tattered sleeve over his lip, mixing tears, blood, and whiskey. Placing the basket on the doorstep, he sat there with the baby.

"Oh, but I got my revenge, I certainly did. They'll never- HACK! (guttural cough) find them… I stole their credits, her necklace, that scoundrel's… ugh, who am I kidding? I'm talking to a damned infant… you're not gonna remember me, kid. Not gonna remember your mama or your papa… because I-"

There were the telltale sirens of a police hovercar approaching and the man knocked on the door, leaving the basket on the doorstep and rushing away without any care in the world.

The door swung open with a black haired woman in her forties wearing a robe.

"Hello? A-Anyone out here?" The woman called out. Crickets only responded to her, along with the cries of the baby. She looked at the basket and took it inside, not wanting to leave the child in the cold.

Inside the home, she placed the basket on a wooden dining table, grabbing milk for the child and an old bottle from her cupboard.

"Why would anyone do this?" She placed the milk bottle into the child's mouth, watching him drink and eyeing anything out of the ordinary. The child's basket had a name written on it, which had a small red smudge underneath.

"Zerris. Your name is Zerris." The woman took the bottle from Zerris' mouth and set it down. He cooed peacefully and extended his tiny hand toward her. "Deina. My name is Deina." She grabbed his hand and smiled.
Eight Years Later

"Mama, can I ride on one of the hoverbikes?" The brown-haired boy bounced up and down.

"We can. Just hold on to the bars, Zerris." Deina pulled a blue hoverbike toward them and handed a couple credits to the stall owner. "I can't wait! I can't wait!"

Zerris got on the bike and grabbed the bars excitedly. He went forward a bit, but Deina pulled him back. "You have to learn first and you need a helmet." She placed a red safety helmet on Zerris' head before patting his shoulder.

"Okay, slowly move your hand on the bar down."

Zerris did exactly that. He inched forward as long as his hand was down the handle. Turning around with his arm resting on the bar, Zerris flashed a cocky smile. "I got this, Mama! I can ride the bike-"

Zerris slipped his arm down the bar on accident and sped off, screaming. He grabbed the bar in an attempt to slow down, but only made himself go faster.

For a short while, he rocketed across the open-air market, luckily hitting no one. As Zerris saw a stand coming into view, it was too late to turn or stop.

The fruit on display went flying everywhere and the stand was decimated. The hoverbike lay sideways on the ground and Zerris was curled up in pain.

"MAMA! MAMA! I'M BLEEDING!" Deina rushed up to Zerris and held him in her arms. His leg had a nasty gash that was starting to trickle blood. A splinter of wood caused it. "Zerris, it's going to be okay. You're not in trouble. We will get you help."

"I-I-I'm not? But I crashed into a stand… I could have hurt someone…" Zerris sniffed and wiped his nose. "No, no, everything's going to be alright. Trust me…" With those words of encouragement, he placed his head on Deina's shoulder, feeling calmer than he had before.
Present Day: Marcuso

Laying on the floor of the bathroom, Cayde wept into her arms as Zerris crouched down in front of her. "Hey, what happened? Are you okay?"

"I c-cut myself when I was m-making dinner…" The golden-blonde haired woman refused to look at her boyfriend. Cayde had a history with depression and anxiety. She was not willing to regress back to the isolated state she had shed a year ago.

"Everything's going to be alright. Trust me. Can I see where you cut yourself?" He moved his hands down Cayde's hair to try and soothe her. Slowly, her arm moved and she showed Zerris her hand. A small cut was present on her ring finger. "Look at me, Starshine."

Cayde rose her head and met Zerris' eyes. "You're going to be okay. This is only going to take a second." Zerris grabbed a bandage and placed it on her cut, before kissing it softly. "Feeling better now?"

She nodded and wrapped herself around Zerris in a sorrowful hug. "I-I'm sorry…" She said while buried into Zerris' shoulder, much like he did with Deina.

"No, you're alright. I love you, Starshine…" He rubbed his hand on her back and gave a kiss, laying his head on her shoulder in a recursive gesture.
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-Mushroom City Car Wash-

Bed and Butter

After a long day at the Car Wash, Cayde was ready to get some rest. She had started to fall asleep on the couch while she passed her attention between Zerris and Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker. Shuffling slowly to her bed like a Dry Bones, Cayde yawned and rubbed her right eye. She sat down and fell over backwards onto her pillows.


A fully alert Cayde found herself in her bed frame, laying on the fallen mattress surrounded by halved wooden bed slats. Swiping some pieces of broken wood off her chest, she climbed out of the frame and looked over the damage.

It was time to get a new bed.
"Man, you really did a number to your bed. What happened?" Zerris proclaimed as he helped disassemble the bed. He pulled the remaining slats out and laid them next to the desk.

"I just fell backwards and the whole thing collapsed like a house of cards. Not the way I wanted to start my weekend..." Cayde took a quick sip of coffee before sitting down in her desk's swivel chair. She watched as Zerris took apart the bed with careful hands and set it into a neat stack adjacent to Cayde's closet. "There we go, should make for some nice firewood. Or a mini treehouse." Zerris clapped his hands together and put the tools away in the closet.

Cayde set down her coffee and grabbed her coat, for they were going to go find a new bed. Linking their arms, Cayde and Zerris walked the five flights of stairs to the apartment's parking lot. Cayde's car, a red 2019 Ford Fusion, sat near the entrance and had a couple inches of snow on it's hood.

"Ugh, they didn't clean the roof again." Cayde chided as she brushed the heavy pile of ice off.

"I mean, I wouldn't want to slip and fall five stories to my doom, would you?" Zerris got into the passenger's seat and Cayde the driver's.

"If it meant people didn't have to sweep snow off their car hoods, then I would do it with honor. You have control of the radio, this time... but NO rap! I don't want the world to feel the vibrations of Biggie 'Shroom's bass."
Cayde pushed down on a bed and developed a frown.

"Not soft enough."

She moved to a bed with blue sheets and pushed down on it. Her hand made it two inches into the mattress.

"This one's too firm."

Zerris sat on a bed with green and yellow covers and was immediately overjoyed.

"Hey, this one's pretty good! It's very fluffy and soft, like you."

Cayde did a playful laugh and held Zerris' hand as they tried more beds. Finally, they happened upon a twin size bed. It seemed if the world had fallen away, leaving only her and the bed. Cayde sat down and sunk into the mattress, exploring the inside of a dream.

This was the one.

The best one.

It was absolutely perfect.

"$2,500." the Toad salesman stated. Cayde opened her eyes and came back into the harsh reality of the real world. She didn't even make four digits, nor did Zerris. Suddenly, it was as if Cayde's credit card was engulfed in flames and the two took home the bed.
"Ah, I can't wait to sleep on my new bed! Man, this thing may have burned a fortune in my pocket, but it's sure going to be the best sleep I ever-"



Zerris looked at Cayde and her bed, now sharing the same fate as her previous one, Cayde crawled from the bed frame and onto the floor, making her way to Zerris' feet. She looked up at him and then dropped her face to the floor.

"Cover your ears. This is not going to be a nice arrangement of words..." Cayde spoke angrily into the carpet as Zerris did exactly what he was told.
Cayde now slept on the couch cuddled in her boyfriend's arms. Zerris did snore, however, but this didn't bother her.

It was certainly better than any bed she had ever been in.
Faire Game

Cayde bit into a giant turkey leg as she and Zerris walked around the annual Renaissance Faire. Clothed in a blue gown and a faux gold tiara, Cayde played the role of a princess. Her partner wore a traditional bard's outfit, carrying a plastic flute in his pocket.

"Doest the princess needeth a napkin from ye olde condiment station?" Zerris asked in a Shakespearean way, reflecting the time period.

"A napkin would be nice, thank you." Cayde replied in Modern English.

"Oh, mine own quite quaint princess, half the excit'ment of journeying backeth in timeth is speaking liketh a true renaissance sir! Prithee, joineth me in enjoying the faire as if 't be true one w're living during this p'riod, thy grace…"

Cayde couldn't help but chuckle as Zerris continued to speak in that manner. She finished the turkey leg and threw it into the trash can, searching for a place to wash her hands, particularly in a modern restroom.

After doing so, Cayde and Zerris came across the jousting and saw two knights on horses. The two rushed to the center and with a mighty CLANG!, one of them was down.

"Oh, wow," Cayde exclaimed. "that was exciting!"

"Wouldst thee liketh to gaze upon the exciting sp'rt of jousting, princess?"

"Sure, uh… oh, wonderful bard of music."

"Thee cullionly, the joyous bard of melodies and delightful notes?"

Cayde and Zerris found seats in the small arena and watched as the champion knight went up against an amateur. CLANG! The amateur knight fell off his horse to the sandy ground.

The champion rode to the center of the arena and tossed a ring of flowers to the audience. The ring soared through the air before landing in a girls hand.

That hand so happened to be Cayde's.

He beckoned for her to come down and join him. Zerris looked at the two of them before cracking a smile. When Cayde reached the knight, he wrapped an arm around her, startling and surprising her.

"I has't chosen this fair maiden to declare mine own hon'r towards! If't be true I winneth this tournament, I shalt taketh h'r soft handeth in feather-bed!" The knight raised his helmet, revealing a bronze bearded man in his forties, and kissed Cayde's hand.

"Not if h'r royal bard protects h'r hon'r!"

Zerris stood proudly from his seat and made his way to the arena.

"So, a lowly bard hast claim'd the maiden f'r himself? Ha! The lady shall beest mine own bride bef're the travelling lamp setteth! Prepareth to joust, dormouse valour bard!"

The knight walked Cayde to the side of the arena and placed the flower ring on her head, then went to get on his horse.

After a few minutes, Zerris had ditched his bard outfit for that of a knight's, shiny and polished armor compared to the dirty armor the bearded knight wore.

Zerris got on to the horse and clutched the reins nervously. Why did I agree to this? I'm gonna die!, he thought in his head.

Both held their lances and shields, the bearded knight pointing his at Zerris' armor plate. A rattling could be heard coming from Zerris as he quivered in fright.

The trumpets sounded and off they went. Zerris pointed his lance forward and closed his eyes.


The lance collided with the knight's shield, exploding it into wooden pieces.

"No more brain than stone, bard! Visage the consequences of thy owneth misf'rtune!"

Once more the two met, disarming Zerris of his lance and leaving his shield.

"Oh, crap." Zerris muttered.

On the final meeting, Zerris was knocked from his horse and fell face first into the sand. As he raised himself up, he coughed and spit out some grains. He heard the sound of a sword leave its sheath and place itself against his neck.

"F'r thee has't hath lost, bard. I shalt deliv'r the final bloweth!"

The knight rose his sword into the air and brought it down. However, it was stopped by a certain someone's hand.

"As your princess, I ask of you to not kill my bard. He has shown himself to be worthy in the tournament and thus I ask for his hand in matrimony." Cayde regally waved her hand and removed some grains from Zerris' hair.

Dumbfounded, the knight took off his helmet and spoke normally to her.

"Uh, I wasn't going to actually kill him. That wouldn't fly. I get he's your boyfriend and all, it's cute, but you're ruining the whole scene. Plus, your breath smells like turkey legs and, uh… I'm on a plant-based diet. Sorry."

Cayde took the flower ring and gave it back to the knight before turning back to Zerris and sighing.

"Sorry… I was trying to go along with the whole Renaissance persona… I didn't mean to ruin anything, sir. This is fun, don't get me wrong. It's just not the thing for me, I guess…" Cayde solemnly explained to the knight.

The knight smiled and gave the flower ring back to Cayde. "I appreciate your honesty, ma'am, and I accept your apology. You're having fun, that's what matters, right? I understand what you were doing and you were in your role. Actually, it makes sense for you step in, princess."

"Thank you, kind knight. For you, I shall grant a fist bump from myself and my bard."

The three gave each other a fist bump and raised their arms in the air to the cheering crowd.
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What Hides in the Dark

It was a fear Cayde had since she was little, even though it was the same bedroom in the daytime as it was at night.

She hated sleeping in the dark, the inky pitch black made her feel uncomfortable. There could be a giant monster lying in wait to snatch her up. A home intruder could be hiding in the closet. Her thoughts ran rampant in the dark. That was the scariest part.

Cayde laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, seeing nothing. Her arms lay still by her side. It was going to be a long night. Any noise now could spell consequences for her mind. Zerris wasn't home yet, still stuck at work. She was alone with only herself for company.


Cayde was alert and upright in bed, clutching the blanket in fear. That could have been anything. Shaking, she breathed in and out a couple times and slowly looked around.


Her eyes were as wide as the moon. Something was coming. A line of tears started coming from her eyes.

Fear, magnified hundredfold.

No horror movie, haunted house, or ghost story could replicate the intense emotions Cayde was under.

The door opened and Cayde fell to the floor, hidden under her blanket, away from the potential danger outside. She was still shaking like an earthquake.

Suddenly, the light came on. A human figure was standing a few inches away, confused at Cayde's current state. They set whatever they were holding down and pulled the blanket back slowly.

Cayde looked up and saw Zerris' calm face looking back. She felt embarrassed and dug her head into the beige carpet. Being the helpful and understanding boyfriend, he picked her up from the floor and sat down on the bed.

In an instant, Cayde flopped into Zerris' arms, being embraced and calmed down. She received a kiss on her cheek and a joyful hug. The event had passed with the help of someone who understood her fear.

Zerris grabbed the box and showed it to Cayde: a night light for her. She felt her fear of the dark fade away as the room illuminated with light. Giving one last hug to her boyfriend, Cayde began to feel her eyes close.

When the two went to bed, Cayde fell asleep instantaneously.
Why Diddy Kong Wasn't In the Base Roster for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

One morning at DK's Tree House, Diddy Kong forgot to set his alarm. It was already 9:30 when Donkey Kong burst into the hut.

"Diddy! Wake up, bro! There's only a couple more sign ups left for the Deluxe Tournament!" DK spoke as he picked up his friend from his hammock.

"Ugh, DK… I was in the middle of a dream where you and Mario were fighting in an arena. For some reason, Cranky Kong was voiced by some guy from Saturday Night Live and Mario was a cat…"

"We can talk about our weird dreams later! You better get your tail down to Peach's Castle, or you'll miss the tournament like the last two times!"

Diddy's eyes popped outwards in shock and he raced around the hut getting prepared. No time to shower, just using a little bit of Donkey King's banana mouthwash. He ate six bananas for breakfast, then rushed out the door, nearly breaking it down in the process.
As fast as his little monkey limbs could move him, Diddy Kong entered the Mushroom Kingdom and flew past various Toads and Koopas excitedly chatting about the tournament.

When the Kong approached the castle bridge, he was stopped by two Toad guards.

"Good morning, sir! Please present proper identification! Are you a returning racer?" the blue Toad guard said while smiling cheerfully. Diddy fished around his shirt for his Mario Kart ID card. Sudden panic shot through him as he came up empty-handed. The Toad guards quickly lost their smiles and readied their spears.

Diddy Kong screamed and spoke frantically. "I'm a returning racer from the Wii and Double Dash Tournaments! I just forgot my card at home when I was rushing over here!"

The Toad guards let him inside the castle. As he scrambled around searching for the sign up stand, an announcement came from Lakitu.


Diddy Kong looked to his left and saw Parakoopa steeling herself to fly, a look to his right and his gaze was met by Bowser Jr. in his clown car. The three looked to the sign up stand and toward eachother. Whatever was about to happen would end badly for two of them.

Parakoopa soared in the air while Bowser Jr. launched Bullet Bills toward her from the clown car's cannons. Diddy Kong sped around the lobby, trying not to get caught in the crossfire. The battle between Koopas was intense, nearly destroying the castle's lobby. While those two were occupied in a furious bout, Diddy had a straight shot to the sign up stand.

This was his chance. His moment to get back into kart racing. In what seemed like slow motion, he ran to the table.

A lucky strike from a Bullet Bill sent Parakoopa diving out of control and in the way of Diddy Kong. He looked up and saw the flailing Koopa descend downward at an alarming speed.

The two collided and exploded, Parakoopa's wings smoking. Bowser Jr. went to the ground and signed up, confirming the base roster for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Diddy released an exasperated sigh and hoped for next time.
"DK! DK! I signed up for the final wave of the tournament!" Diddy said excitedly while eating a banana. Funky had also signed up, along with Pauline and Peachette.

"Hey, what about Parakoopa? She's only one from the Double Dash tournament that wasn't there. How is she?"

"I send her some flowers every month. She's still recovering from the last sign up. Burnt her wings from Junior's flamethrower. Awful, how she can never seem to sign up…"

"Ah, there's always next time. She'll get in, I promise!"
From her hospital bed, a bucket of green paint laid on the dresser. Parakoopa smiled to herself as her shell was now green and without wings. Just like her former partner Koopa Troopa.

"Yep, I'll get in."
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This thread is a year old

I should probably write some stuff here instead of keeping it PMs lol
Hello, this story is nearly a year old! 🙃 This was originally written through PMs and I'm only just now posting it for everyone else. Thanks to WT for suggesting I post it here. I have more stories that were only kept to PMs, so those could go up after these if I decide to.

Anyways, here's a story called Road Trip, where Cayde and Zerris… go on a road trip. Hopefully I can keep a schedule and post it every week. Enjoy, and leave feedback if you want!
Road Trip: Prologue

Zerris entered Cayde's bedroom clutching his black backpack. He packed his clothes and essentials neatly into their respective compartments. Though not a neat freak, he still wanted his stuff to be as nice and un-wrinkled as possible. The same couldn't be said for Cayde, however, who was sitting on top of her overflowing suitcase to try and close it.

"Ergh, oh, come on! Zerris, help me out here! This thing won't close!" Cayde said, pushing down with all of her weight on the suitcase's top. Zerris motioned for Cayde to get off the suitcase.

"Maybe you should fold your clothes instead of jamming them into a small suitcase. You know, spacial relations and all." he spoke as Cayde stood up and let the suitcase spring open.

"I can't believe we're going to the fan convention in three days! I always wanted to go to one of these. Have you chosen your cosplay, Zer?"

"What cosplay?" Zerris asked confusedly.

"I thought we were going to dress up as characters... I wanted to do Samus, maybe you could be Master Chief?

"Eh, don't play Halo."

"Uh, how about Mario and Peach? I could get a pink dress."

"Ooh, what about Han and Leia? It's a classic." Zerris responded.

Cayde's eyebrows went up and she gave a disdainful look. She liked Star Wars, but there was a certain reason she wouldn't be Leia.

"You think I'm wearing that outfit in public, you'd be sorely mistaken. I don't want to be the center of attention." Cayde referred to one of Leia's iconic outfits from Return of the Jedi. She refused to don clothing that showed her figure. On the rare occasions they went to the beach, she wore a swimsuit, but that was all.

"Yeah, but her New Hope outfit would work, wouldn't it?"

"I guess so... please, can we do Samus and another video game character?"

"Sure, I can find something to wear. Don't worry."

After reorganizing Cayde's suitcase, the two gave a fist bump and went to Cayde's car. It would be a 3,000 mile journey, but it would be well worth it.

They just had to make sure they didn't fall too far behind.
Road Trip: Part 1

"Ooh, a fruit festival this Monday."

"I know you're hungry, Zerris. You don't have to remind me…"

They were out of the city and on the open road. It had been a while, almost six hours since they last ate. The sun was setting over the trees as Cayde drove on the winding asphalt.

"Hey, Zer, let's find a place to eat and get ourselves a motel room. How's that sound?" Cayde looked to her tired boyfriend resting his head on the window.

"Oh, absolutely. I'm down for a nap. What place did you have in mind for dinner?" Zerris replied after yawning.

"Mm, maybe something light. Like a breakfast or something. I'm in the mood for some pancakes of the chocolate chip variety."

"I could eat anything right now, I'm considering my seatbelt." Zerris gave a small laugh as his stomach rumbled. He adjusted himself so he was sitting upright.

After a short while, Cayde pulled into a diner's parking lot. The neon sign with 24 HOURS in dark blue stood out as they walked inside.

The diner was small and looked like it was trapped in the 1980s. A jazzy tune played softly on a radio accompanying the few patrons inside.

"Welcome to the Roadside Diner! What can I get you two to drink?" A high pitched New Yorker voice came from a female Koopa. She had the classic diner waitress look, complete with a beehive hairdo.

"Coke for me, please." Zerris answered.

"Water will be fine, thank you." Cayde said as she retied her hair back into a ponytail.

The Koopa got them their drinks and promptly asked for their meal choices.

"Do you do breakfast all day?"

"We most certainly do, ma'am! What's your fancy?"

"Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and some maple syrup, please."

The Koopa waitress jotted the order down on her notepad and turned to Zerris.

"For me, I will have a cheeseburger, medium rare, no tomato, fries, and some ranch, please." Zerris fiddled with his jacket's zipper as he placed his order. Cayde took a sip of her water and gave Zerris a weird look.

"Ranch? With your fries? I do ketchup." she stated, rubbing her hands together.

Zerris gave a smile as he sipped his Coke. "I'm weird like that."

Cayde focused her attention on the radio, closing her eyes and letting the music fill her ears. The vibe of it, the diner, the music, screamed a nostalgic feeling for her in a way she couldn't quite place. Maybe it was her father taking her out to a diner just like this when she was younger, ordering a milkshake, and enjoying the company with her dad.

Cayde felt her head sway back and forth as she drummed along to the beat of the song.

"Morty Mole, Scenes from an Underground Cavern, 1978."

She opened her eyes at Zerris telling her the song she was enjoying. The food reached their table and the two dug in.

"I'm interested, can I try a fry with ranch?" Cayde asked her boyfriend as he dipped one in. He gave her a couple fries and passed the dish of ranch to her.

She was hooked.

"Oh, wow! That is good! Now I see why you like it so much!"
The two, content with the food they ate, then went to find a cheap motel.

Cayde found one with vacancy and got a room. The motel was certainly cheap and kind of dirty, but the two were ready to hit the hay.

The room door swung open and a void of darkness greeted them. Zerris turned on the light, flickering a putrid yellow as it illuminated a bed and dresser with an old TV on top of it.

"Home sweet… home, I guess." Cayde tried lightening the mood as she entered inside. The bed smelled funky and had weird stains on it, the pillows were lumpy and the blanket was patched together.

However, Cayde was not expecting the bathroom's appearance.


She leapt into Zerris' arms in fright. "Gi-gi-giant spider… in the shower…"

"Well, we can hold off on showering for one night." Zerris jokingly replied. The two got into night clothes and got onto the bed, creaking and rattling as it did.


"Always, Zer."

Cayde wrapped her arm around Zerris and laid her head on his chest, yawning and kissing him good night.

Zerris turned off the light and pulled the blanket over him and Cayde. He heard a little noise from Cayde, who was quietly snoring peacefully and sounded like a cat purring.

Music to his ears.
Road Trip: Part 2

Zerris yawned and raised his head up as the sunlight bathed the motel room. On his chest lay Cayde, who was still asleep. She had his arm in a tight grip under her arm and did not want to let go.

"Cayde… I need to use the bathroom. Can you let me go?" Zerris asked politely.

Cayde replied with a quiet sigh and dug her head deeper into his chest. Zerris rolled his eyes and patted her back before raising himself upright. She grimaced and tightened her grip on his arm, as if to say "Don't move". It was a couple minutes before he tried again.

He slid out from under her and out of the bed. Then, he carefully put the pillow under Cayde's head.

Zerris made it three inches from the bed before Cayde grabbed his arm like a vice. Her nails were like razors.


Zerris and Cayde fell to the floor, the latter waking up instantly. She was very confused upon what had happened as the sun shined directly into her eyes.

"Zerris! What happened?! Are you okay?" Cayde worriedly spoke as he groaned in pain.

He got up and closed the blinds and flicked the light switch on. Cayde saw his arm had three little red dots on it. She looked at her hand and put the two together.

Feeling quite guilty about the situation, she curled up and leaned against the dresser. "Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you… I don't know what came over me."

"Look, it's okay. It's just a scratch, I'll be fine. *chuckle* You really didn't want me to get up, did you?"

Outside the motel, Cayde and Zerris approached the car. She got into the passenger side and expected Zerris to get in the driver's side.

"Um, that's my seat." Zerris said nonchalantly, unaware of what Cayde had in store for him.

"Get in. You're driving."


Zerris was shocked. What was going on?

Why is Cayde making me drive? he thought as he sat in the car.

The two sat there for a minute, unmoving. Cayde looked to Zerris as he stared blankly out the windshield. "Well?! What are you waiting for?! GO!"

"Cayde, I-"

Zerris started to tear up. Cayde noticed this and gave a confused look.

"I can't drive…"

Cayde turned from confused to angry. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. However, a deep breath was enough to calm her down.

"Don't worry, I'll teach you. Start the car and put it in drive." Cayde calmly stated.

Soon, they were on the road. A couple minutes later, Zerris was calmed enough to focus on the road. A few easy turns and stop signs turned him into a driving natural.


A cop car followed behind them and flashed its siren and lights, making Zerris pull over. The officer stepped out of his car and approached the two while chewing some gum.

"Morning. License and registration, please." the officer spoke sternly, blowing the gum and popping it.

Oh, crap. Zerris tensed up and gripped the wheel.

"Here you go, sir. My license-"

"Hold on, ma'am. Your license? Does this mean the driver doesn't have one?"

Zerris felt his eyes begin to water. This was all happening so fast for him. He didn't want to be arrested. The officer looked at him and frowned. Zerris glanced back at his dark, tinted sunglasses and double chin.

"Sir, step out of the car please. You too, ma'am."

Cayde did as told. Zerris stayed put, tears streaking down his face.

"I'm not going to say it again. Step out of the car, sir."

Zerris shook and laid his head on the wheel, this was a nightmare for him. He wanted to do what he was told, but found himself glued to the seat. The officer turned to Cayde, who swallowed nervously and meekly smiled.

"Ma'am, do you know that it's a second degree misdemeanor to let someone drive your car without a license?"

"Yes, sir." Cayde's reflection in the officer's sunglasses only stared back at her. "I'm teaching him how to drive. He… he doesn't have a license, I know, but I thought I would let him learn a little bit about being on the road. We're on a road trip to a convention."

"Mm-hm." The officer replied. "Ma'am, I'm going to let you off with a warning and an order for you to drive the rest of the way on your road trip. If you want to teach him, get him a learner's license first."

Cayde nodded and waved goodbye to the officer as he drove off. As the police car grew smaller, Cayde rushed to the driver's side door and cuddled Zerris in her arms.

"I'm so sorry… are you okay? I know that shook you up real bad and I don't want you to feel stressed. I'm going to drive from now on, alright?"

Cayde planted a couple kisses on his cheek to try and calm Zerris down.

"Cayde, that was terrifying…" Zerris spoke incoherently while blubbering into the wheel.

"I know, Zer, I know…"

"I don't wanna drive anymore…"

"You're not going to. I will."

Zerris and Cayde switched seats and continued on their journey. This was not a good second day for the both of them. She felt extremely bad for him.

"I know what will cheer you up. Ice cream!" Cayde beamed from ear to ear. Zerris gained a small smile.

"Sure, I could go for some ice cream."