Hey guys and gals! Mr.O here with a new series to announce! I call this one "GOLD STAR"!

It's a tale of an old Toad telling his grandson tales of the 80s, stories of the Mario characters living through this era of action, war and Sci-Fi wizardry. For each character, they will be given a summary of their lives and their roles during this time. It's essentially my own version of the Mario mythos, combining Super Mario Bros. with 007.

I could start with...Mario AKA Agent 001, best agent of the MKO(Mushroom Kingdom Operative)? Or maybe Luigi, a man or ghost of myth? Or...perhaps Peach, Director of MKO?

What do you think they would look like if they were set in the 007 universe?


Side note: You can expect this series to borrow elements from multiple mediums related to Mario such as shows, movies, manga and more.

(In commemoration of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie)


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