Crypt Raider

9 more seasons
Some game I am making that is told and trying to be like Half-Life. It is coming out pretty good so far, and I am releasing a demo soon. For those who bothered enough to play the Alpha version, the demo is going to be a remake of that original level, with more content. I am trying to add some zombies from Model Pack 22 into this. I can't find a download link, so this is going to take awhile. In the mean time, enjoy Sci-Fi zombies with guns.

List of added weapons:
  • 1911 pistol, that shoots almost as fast as you click.
  • MCS shotgun.
  • AK-47, automatic killing 47 people :).
  • Minigun, and is not Sasha so don't think "HEAVY WEAPONS GUY".

There are A LOT more, but I haven't cared to add them yet.

I'll keep usually daily-weekly updates .
Wasn't the beta name for Crypt's game Userpedia called the same thing as this?
First of all, the alpha was awesome.

Second, I must obtain the gamma.
Its in the works, but if you come into chat later I'll give you what I got. You DO have Direct X9, right
$‡¥₲Ú¥27 said:
I might, what is it?

are you able to play, like, Left 4 Dead (laggy or not doesn't matter)

Also, come into chat now, so we can talk about giving it out.