Firefox Launching Multiple Times


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So I got this issue, where Task Manager tells me that it's running about TWENTY-TWO different firefox.exes, and it's really burning through my PC's resources. Does anyone know how to fix this? Here's a screenshot of the Task Manager:

firefox 22 times.png

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OK, for starters: Firefox is not launching multiple times, having multiple processes running is completely normal and how every web browser works for the purposes of stability, security, and general performance.

If you want to disable this feature, to be 100% blunt: you can't disable it.

But you can do the following:
- Use about:processes and about:performance to see what's actually using up your computer's resources in Firefox (and kill those processes if a website is eating up your computer's config)
- Go to about:config and set dom.ipc.processCount.webIsolated to 1 (and then restart Firefox), which will limit each website to one process per container (so like if you have four different tabs of this forum open, it'll all be running as one process instead of four separate ones)

Full disclosure: I have plenty of memory and resources on my own PC, so testing these settings on Firefox on my laptop doesn't make much of a difference for me, but it is one of the most common 'solutions' to this problem I have found while perusing Google.

(Alternatively, depending on if you have some cash to spare or not, you might want to consider buying more RAM if possible as well. Not the first solution I would go to because not everyone necessarily wants to or can just drop the cash on a RAM upgrade, but if you don't have much RAM in your PC, maybe give that some thought as well - if you can)