Make a heist squad.


King Dedede
You wanna steal a diamond, car, gun, or whatever you want doesn't matter. All that matters is it's currently in the most secure vault ever made, but do you know what they didn't expect. Fiction. Here's the rules.
You may pick any fictional character, but there's a catch. In becoming real they lost their powers not tied to their body, so no magic or lasers.
you need to fill these roles.
Leader: You.
Brains: The one who plans the heist out.
Safecracker/lockpicker: They deal with physical locks. This is mostly safes, but also includes normal locks.
Hacker: There's gonna be a bunch of cameras, laser traps, and other annoying heist cliches. Why don't you just have someone deal with it before entering.
Distraction: You need to get inside, so have someone distract the guards.
Fighter: They come with you to beat up the guards. pretty simple.
Infiltrator: The person who gets you in.
Get away driver: Someone to drive you away. I'll let you keep the vehicle the character uses. NO ROBOT SUITS.
Wildcards: Whatever you think you still need is this guy. You can have 2 wildcards.
Also the characters morals and personal agenda shall not be considered.

Here is my team for an example.
Leader: Me as the rules state.
Brains: Zamasu. The dude outplanned several gods, so a few lowly mortals should be simple enough.
Safe/lockbreaker: Danny Fenton. Bro just gonna phase us past the doors and safes. Easy win. Also Danny is shown to do ghost stuff in his base form.
Hacker: Tails. I hate Lost World, but it did show Tails to be a great hacker.
Distraction: Donkey Kong. Imagine DK dancing to the DK Rap outside your vault. Tell me with a straight face you wouldn't look at that.
Infiltrator: Danny Fenton. I mentioned he can phase people and object through doors and safes. Well walls ain't safe either.
Fighter: Shadow. He has guns and speed.
Get away driver. Sonic. In the tutorial of Sonic and Sega All Stars racing Sonic states his car is almost as fast as he is, and in Color DS he claims to be faster than light.
Wildcard 1: Godzilla. Sure I don't get lazers, but the man is still massive.
Wildcard 2: Iron Man. His suit keeps its powers.
Good luck beating this one.

Queen Chrysalis

Make me queen, you'll be glad!
Leader: Me (per rules)
Brains: Selina Kyle / Catwoman (she has a lot of experience with heists)
Safe/lockbreaker: Barbara Gordon / Batgirl
Hacker: Cyborg
Distraction: Pinkie Pie
Infiltrator: Martian Manhunter (he can phase through objects and become intangible as well as having a multitude of other superpowers such as super strength, super speed, flight, and laser eyes, and all of these are tied to his Martian physiology so he has them per the rules)
Fighter: Logan / Wolverine (his powers are tied to his body so he keeps them)
Get away driver: Batman (because imagine driving away in the batmobile)
Wildcard 1: Professor Charles Xavier (he would have the power to freeze the minds of everyone who's not in my team as seen a few times in the movies, as he's a mutant I'd argue this counts as being tied to his body like Logan)
Willdcard 2: Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver (again he's a mutant so I argue he keeps his super speed powers, and breaking Erik Lensherr / Magneto out of the Pentagon in X-Men: Days of Future Past was super cool so he would be very useful)


Leader: Me
Brains: Tails. If an eight year old can fly a plane, then he certainly can come up with a pl
Safecracker/lockpicker: Silver. He can use his powers to pop any lock open.
Hacker: Shadow. A Chaos Control will destroy any machine.
Distraction: Rouge. Self explanatory.
Fighter: Knuckles. Also self explanatory.
Infiltrator: Omega. His arms can bust the door.
Get away driver: Eggman. The Eggmobile can fit anything.
Wildcard 1: Sonic. Basically a sneaky hedgehog.
Wildcard 2: Metal Sonic. He can see anything.