Who is Redktan?

Redktan the Robeless

Happy liquid pool
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Redktan the Robeless is Hektan’s very introverted so never seen until now brother. While he may seem surrounded in a pool of blood, this is actually regenerative fluid that helps him feel better. He loves being in his liquid form, but when humans or other creatures hurt him, he turns into a human/sorcerer form which he hates because he has to be stiff walking places. Other things he hates are loud, shallow people especially, bright lights and other intrusive things in general, more than anything else. He does like meditation and is very self-aware of his emotions as well as his needs, and has tried to teach his more impulsive, less self-aware brother Hektan that peace is what all true warriors, and also people truly aware of true happiness strive for so as to try to stop him from fighting for Ganon.