Has anyone played TMNT Shredder's revenge

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I'm someone that has been a massive fan of TMNT since I was a kid, so this was a day 1 buy for me.

If you do not like beat em ups, then this game isn't for you. However, as someone that does enjoy the classic arcade games as well as TMNT in general, this game is amazing. Obviously people that don't like TMNT wouldn't get much out of it but I would argue that it's a very good game even if you aren't super into the source material.

The game is a bit short but it's going for that classic beat em up arcade feel, and boy does it deliver on that front in so many ways. It does a good job of getting that old school feel while also introducing modern implementations to really give this game it's own identity. There's a lot of different combos you can do to liven up the gameplay but it's not overly complicated either and I really like that. I haven't had time to play as different characters personally, and I haven't played the arcade mode, but I played through the campaign with my girlfriend and we were having an absolute blast.

From what I can tell and have seen every character plays differently and have subtle little personality quirks in-game. Overall there's just so much detail in general from the art style. Every background has so many little references and the music is really good too (made by the same guy that did Sonic Mania's ost).

I could probably go on but honestly if you are a TMNT fan, or just like beat em ups and want a modern take on the arcade style, this game is a must play and I can't wait to replay it with more characters


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For me, this is a beat em up that feels very "player-friendly" If that makes sense. Coming off of Scott Pilgram vs the World, TMNT was alot more easier to get ino and that's mainly because of its difficulty. The difficulty feels generous and will help you lean into the game. It also gives you chances to upgrade your characters by earning a certain amount of points ehich you can get by playing through the levels(obviously) and finding collectibles to earn you some.