Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All

How good is Justice For All?

  • It's the best Ace Attorney game.

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  • It's better than the first game, but not the best Ace Attorney game.

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  • It's not bad, but the first one is better.

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  • It's a bad game, stay away from it.

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Poll Committee
Alright, the very early morning today I started the second Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game for the first time, and while I've heard fans like it but not as much as the first one, I want to hear the thoughts of users here. Please refrain from giving spoilers that are harsh like who did it, if something wasn't actually the murder weapon, etc.- as I already might have *bleep*ed up and accidentally seen some things that were very spoilery for the third and fourth case. I'm interested in all the cases though, even the third as I wonder if it'll be really good and just misjudged.