The Shadow Prince’s Spookily Good Danny Phantom Reviews

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The title is self-explanatory; I started watching Danny Phantom in May 2021 and have liked it so far, so plan to show my opinions on its episodes here as some, of course, are better than others. I plan to use my old seven-point rating scale for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in 2015 and 2016 as I feel it describes the episodes’ quality best; in more detail than a five-point scale. I also plan to post all my reviews in the OP so users don’t have to scroll to a certain page for middle reviews. There might be more-than-double posting here sometimes but that at least usually will be to give a notice that a new episode has my review up here.

Brown- This episode is THE WORST and not watchable at all; it felt outright anger-inducing and dumbfounding to watch. Eerie, insidious and painful enough for me to hate.
Red- A bad episode I do not like at all, but don’t hate. Quite frustrating, flaw-ridden and poorly-written, but not entirely with the eerily unwatchable feeling the absolute worst has.
Orange- Mediocre with more I didn’t care for than things I liked, but not quite the most frustrating with some okay qualities.
Yellow- This episode is okay as it has some good/satisfying parts, but has disappointing aspects as well.
Green- This episode is fairly or pretty good and has a decent amount to like about it, with some flaws/nitpicks every now and then keeping it from being great.
Blue- An episode that is great, with a lot of extremely satisfying aspects and only fairly minor flaws at most but is not quite amazing.
Purple- This episode is absolutely amazing, a stunningly well-written episode that often is even hauntingly good; it can be painful only due to jealousy of the writers and is an absolute milestone.

Mystery Meat- An alright, decent starter episode as Danny and Tucker are established as likable characters, as Danny already comes across well as normal but not generic and Tucker is a likable extrovert, and Jazz is already shown well as a perfectionist but still caring sister instead of a comedically bad sister, which is a relief, and Danny’s parents are refreshing to be shown as at least better than Timmy Turner’s parents. The food gags and battles with the lunch lady are fairly funny. However, Sam ends up being unsympathetic and totally unlikable switching the food menu to what it is in this episode, and gets off to a very rocky start here despite me at least not minding her as much so far later on in the show. As is often the case for good cartoons, the starter episode is neither the best or the worst episode of the show.
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