Issue 181


Emblem Engage!
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Former 'Shroom Staff
Ninja Squid
Hello, 'Shroom readers!

This all-new issue of The 'Shroom has been going into some intense training (and us too while we're at it), and trust me, it is quite buffed … with sections, not with muscles and abs. Hmm… Maybe sections are what give The 'Shroom some muscles actually. What you think? (Please do not actually answer this)

This month, we are celebrating Yoshi876's 100th issue as our Spotlight Manager, so plenty of sections are under a fitness and sports theme, and the newspaper also have some beautiful art assets for the event thanks to our wonderful Graphic Design Manager GBA! Please, make sure to check them out!

In addition, we are also looking for feedbacks from our readers on the general performance of the newspaper. That is why we are holding a Feedback Survey containing some questions for you to answer. Please, take a moment of your time to answer them. Your inputs will be appreciated, and will also help us find ways to improve the newspaper in the future.

Before concluding, I want to offer my thanks to Yoshi876 for his dedication, support, and commitment towards The 'Shroom for all these years. Enjoy this wonderful issue dedicated to you! Now everyone, please go read all sections made by our lovely writers, and thank you so much for your support!

PS: We are now in the Awards season, which means Anniversary Announcements is back!