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Phoenix Rider

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OMG, I am in love with the Ice Bat one. And his sword.

Awesome. 2. DA. MAX.

*If there was a drooling smiley, I'd put it here*


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I layered black over the Yoshi shadow and added the Ipod , cord, and wario body free handed. Came out kinda good, I think


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No offense but I don't really like that people take game characters and draw stuff they would rarely do in their games. But that's just how I think. But you're a good drawer.
WARIO woul'dnt do an ipod advertisement? Think of the profits!


Monty Mole
Awesome art. I especially love the detailed backgrounds. The Dinosaur Land landscape in particular.

Keep up the good work!

Luigi hc

Great artworks. ^^ You're very good. ;)

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The sad part, is not only do I understand that, but I'll also reply to it.
1 |<|\|0\/\/, 3|-|????
("I know, eh?") xD


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Dont get exasperated with me Yoshi Mastar but all I want to know is what kind or what site or whatever did you get those PNG sprites form?


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nice ;)


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Yeah, you're art's for the win. And I didn't look at it. Ha.

...Actually, I did once, just while cruising your DeviantWhatever account. If I recall correctly, your art was indeed for the win... Ah, 2006... Or was that 2005?