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It's back?

Yes, indeed it is. I decided to finally put in the elbow grease needed to update my 'Shroom thread, but I also felt that I'd do better to start anew, to take a fresh crack at this.

Below, I'll keep an ongoing record of (most) of the sections I've written for the paper. Do feel free to use this thread to suggest things I should write about, especially as they relate to Forum Update.

Fake News

Shop Scout

Issue 131: Northwinds Mart
Issue 132: Psycho Kamek
Issue 133: Hino Mart
Issue 134: Tangerino Grill
Issue 135: Luigi's Balloon World
Issue 136: Marrymore Wedding Chapel
Issue 137: Golden Pyramid
Issue 138: Chet Rippo
Issue 139: Gadd Science, Incorporated
Issue 140: Lakitu Info Center
Issue 141: Broque Monsieur

Selling Out

Issue 138: Selling Out VIII: Twilit Abode

News Flush

Issue 168: Local Warlord Corrupts City Institutions Through Bribery
Issue 170: Meat Shortage After Wolves Slaughter Farmer Revin’s Flock
Issue 179: Mysterious Warrior from the East Conquers all Opponents in Depon
Issue 182: Toadies Challenge Removal from Race for M14 Recognition

Mushroom Tribune/The Koopa Times/DK Island Gazette (Co-writer)

Issue 168: Title Match Mired in Controversy
Issue 169: Shroobs are Identified as an Invasive Species: Experts Disagree on Solution
Issue 170: Sports World Shocked as Glitz Pit Champion Signs with Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown
Issue 171: Mario Claims to Paint Masterpieces; Visiting Artist Claims Otherwise
Issue 172: Medical World Shocked After Dr. Goomba Stack Revealed to be three Goombas in a Labcoat
Issue 174: Toll Booths on Toad's Turnpike Enrage Drivers
Issue 175: Mushroom Kingdom Hero Accused of Plagiarism
Issue 177: Kremling Kruiser Claims Victory in Toad Town Chase
Issue 178: Gamblers Rejoice Following Narrow Referendum Victory
Issue 179: Striking Whomps Delay Planned Invasion
Issue 180: Calls For Banning of Babies in Mario Kart Grow After Triforce Cup Incident
Issue 181: Conservationist Group Declares Pit Plant Extinct
Issue 182: Banana Hoard reaches historic low

Going Wild

Issue 172: Piranha Plant (Isle Delfino)
Issue 178: Boss Bass

Fun Stuff

Issue 181: Mario Birds

Director's Notes
Issue 161
Issue 170
Issue 173

Palette Swap

Mario's Boombox

Issue 124: Just 3 Days by Mandopony
Issue 125: Pokémon University by Random Encounters
Issue 127: Selections for Halloween
Issue 129: A Musical Retrospective on the Wii U
Issue 131: Dawn of the Third Day by Nathan Sharp
Issue 133: Waltz of the Forest
Issue 135: My Year
Issue 137: Ashley's Song
Issue 139: Selections for Halloween II: Survival Horror (feat. The Living Tombstone and DAGames)
Issue 141: Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Rap
Issue 143: Pokémon Love Song
Issue:143 TeraCMusic
Issue 147: Adrisaurus
Issue 149: Super Mario Hyadain
Issue 153: DK Rap covers
Issue 155: FamilyJules
Issue 160: Assorted Dr. Mario-related songs
Issue 165: Juno Songs
Issue 171: Deathly Loneliness Attacks
Issue 181: The Chalkeaters
Issue 182: Creationary Studios

Shmaluigi, Private Investigator
Termination Notice: Part 1 (Guest Writer)
Termination Notice: Part 2 (Guest Writer)

Pipe Plaza

The 'Shroom Recap (Co-writer, wrote the user feature)
Issue 137: Edofenrir
Issue 140: Superchao
Issue 142: The Pyro Guy
Issue 144: Palkia47
Issue 152: Stooben Rooben
Issue 156: MrConcreteDonkey

Forum Update
Issue 170
Issue 171
Issue 172
Issue 177
Issue 178
Issue 179
Issue 180
Issue 181
Issue 182

Poll Committee Discussion
Issue 141
Issue 144
Issue 166 (Co-Writer)
Issue 180

A Forum History Module
Issue 168

Interviewee in Issue 150's Interview

Critic Corner

Rising Sun Reviews
Issue 145: Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online
Issue 151: Spice and Wolf
Issue 181: Girls' Last Tour

Strategy Wing

Pitohui's Pokémon Academy
Issue 180: Dragalge
Issue 181 Maractus
Issue 182: Umbreon

Director's Note


Awards Reflections
Issue 138: 2018 Awards Reflections

Directorial Address
Issue 154
Issue 166

Director's Notes

Various Staff and Collaborative Sections
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Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Hooded Pitohui

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Hooded Pitohui