Wich other series you like?

Wich other series you like?

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Luigi rocks!!!
I know that almost all the series are from Super Smash Bros. but I din't know many series ('cause I always playing nintendo ones)
$‡¥₲Ú¥27 said:
We can only pick one?
sorry this is the firts poll I do so If you know how I can do the in the poll one can take more that 1 option you can post it here or PM me
Click "edit poll" up next to all the options.


Change the number there to 12.
Sorry but the option does not appear :-\ but still thanks
It's a shame I moved this out of the Off-Topic board before fixing that.
Punch Out, mainly.. Mario and Punch Out. I used to like Animal Crossing, but I got tired of it.
Gobidacamel said:
Woah woah woah. How could you forget Banjo-Kazooie? D:
He also forgot EarthBound, Proffeser Layton, and couple other not well known series people might complain about.