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actual spore creature
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Kingdom Battle Ramble (strategy wing)
a section where i cover two characters per issue from mario + rabbids kingdom battle, what they do in the story and their personality and their gameplay stuff
1. beepo/mario/rabbid peach: issue 165, dec 2020
2. rabbid luigi/luigi: issue 166, jan 2021
3. rabbid mario/peach: issue 167, feb 2021
4. rabbid yoshi/yoshi/spawny: issue 168, mar 2021
5. donkey kong/rabbid cranky: issue 169, apr 2021
sorry but i have no plans on returning this section for sparks of hope because i dont want to give ubisoft money or positive attention

On the Origin of Species (strategy wing)
basically a letsplay of spore. i just play this one save file and describe what i do and share spore fun facts along the way
1. game introduction, cell/creature stage: issue 173, aug 2021
2. tribal/civilization stage: issue 174, sep 2021
3. space stage part 1: issue 175, oct 2021
4. space stage part 2: issue 176, nov 2021
5. space stage part 3: issue 178, jan 2022
6. space stage part 4: issue 180, mar 2022
7. space stage part 5: issue 181, apr 2022
8. space stage part 6: issue 183, jun 2022
9. space stage part 7: issue 184, jul 2022
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