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Star Spirit
Online or IRL

"This is me, being awesome."
~My catchphrase. I say it while doing such mundane things as getting something out of the vending machine.

"They all notice me. Too bad they don't notice my fists until it's too late."
~Me on my "questionable" strategy while playing Metal Gear games.

"I'll answer the phone. WITH MY FIST!"
~The phone wasn't even ringing :shifty:
oh god ill list some recent ones ive said over xbox live i can remember.

"the roflcoptor is prepared for take off! swah swah swah swah"
charging into battle
"louis remove your ass from the door please"
left 4 dead trying to close safe room door
"thy end shall be by thy toque, but not from thy car but from thy explosions we all have come to love"
gears of war 2 owning the other team
using friend as meat shield in left 4 dead from tank projectiles
"why is water so fking deadly???!!!!!?!???"
gta 4 free mode multiplayer while being killed from firetruck water cannon.

all i got on the top of my head right now that's mildly appropriate for here.
"Kid:Stop following me. Go play with your own friends.
Me: There's no internet here"