Favorite Villain *Unabridged*


  • Bowser - Super Mario Bros. Series

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  • Baby Bowser - Yoshi Series

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  • King. K. Rool - Donkey Kong Country Series

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  • Captain Syrup - Wario Series

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  • Master Hand - Super Smash Bros. Series

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  • Ridley - Metroid Series

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  • Andross - Starfox Series

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  • Ganon/Gannondorf - Legend of Zelda Series

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  • King DeDe - Kirby Series

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  • Gruntilda - Banjo-Kazooie Series

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  • Heimlich - Conker Series

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  • Dr. Robotnik - Sonic the Hedgehog Series

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  • Dr. Neo Cortex - Crash Bandicoot Series

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  • Gnasty Gnorc - Spyro Series

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  • Erol - Jak & Daxter Series

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  • Captain Razorbeard - Rayman Series

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You know the drill. Anyone who doesnt know one of these villains then.... um..... "flips rapidly through threads" have there eternal soul fed to me. Ya that sounds about right.
Thanks for the good laugh, and memory lane visit, here. :P I used to love Spyro games, and still do enjoy a good Crash Bandicoot game. ;P
Personally, however, I had to choose Bowser. Of the three, he's the one I see most. xD (Never seen Nasty Gnorc, and I always personally thought that Uka-Uka was the bigger enemy in the Crash series. xD)
Bowser and Giga Bowser are basically the same character. Besides, only one villain per series.

And hc, Uka Uka may be the Main evil behind most of the Crash games, but Cortex was Crash's first and foremost nemesis.
True, true. I guess I always just liked Uka Uka better. ;P I always thought of Cortex as one of those stupid underlings you see in many games. Kinda like an annoying Goomba, with a gigantic forehead, and a voice box that doesn't stop. ;P
Thtas an....interwesting way to put it

"SPECIAL NOTE" This list has some differences from the last one.

Uka Uka- Cortex
Ripto- Gnasty Gnorc
Proxis- Erol
Ganon all the way!
Master Hand!!! Dude, a huge invisible (I think he is) person with God-Like powers!! I'm suprised he's not the only one on here!!!!!!!!! But, Ganon's second. Hey, he can at least sink an entire world.
Ganon did not sink the world. The goddesses did. In fact, Ganon wanted to "un-sink" Hyrule.
Kaepora Gaebora should REALLY be on here. It should be a crime to make you sit through the same speech over and over and over!
I couldnt decide, so I randomly clicked on Baby Bowser...... Gannondorf and Bowser are tied, yada yada...
I actually don't care too much for anything here... so I just clicked Baby Bowser, too. I do like the concept of most of the Yoshi games taking place in the past...
Yeah... He's an embodiment of evil, which makes him cool. He also has a neat hairdo. :blush:
I should have picked Syrup, thinking it over....

I wish you guys would listen.............
What I meant was, Why is Bowser there as the Mario series villain in stead of Waluigi? Surely he is more deserving.
Yeah, Waluigi gets that a lot.

Anyway, back to the subject on hand . . . Master Hand. (Get it? It's a pun.) Not that there's anything particularly likeable about him . . . it'd just be cool to be a glove that could crush people and stuff.