Yay for writing songs.


ska punk fan, even though i dont know what ska is.
This song is ment to be sung very fast paced, rapish

I see a reflection of me
There are no differences i can see
none of that face seems to be free
my body like a piece of human debree
the mirror must be showing some static imagery

Its got me zoned out cant tell the difference between north or south
man i wish i could shout
but nothin is comin outa my mouth
this me is broken without a doubt
happiness seems to be having a drought
but sadness is somthing i know about

(chorus start)
Its perfect, Its static
my ways are problematic
I aint charasmatic
but these rhymes are automatic
my life is so cinimatic
i know i aint being melodramtic
soak my head in water, it aint aquatic
(chorus end)

I have no respect
my life is wecked
im just a lab subject
a science project

my negativity will infect
in your mind it will inject
th mirror had no glass
makin me seem like a a**
I was lookin at you a clone, a fool
your just another tool
we ain't what they call cool
we different, we shine from coal like a jewel
and your in my territoy where i rule

(repeat chorus)

Im just a thorn in your side
your beats going world wide
while mine always get denied
please take me on the ride
and don't push me aside
i really tried
can you be guide

through this demension
of all this tension
yet you think not
which isnt my choice in thought
you baught your way to the top

I dont fallow greed
i got my own creed
yet i suffer
with no shield or buffer
im still growing stronger
but not for much longer

theres a limit on fun
and im running on none
whats done is done
but ive just begun

ill stick to the underground
where my name is renowned
you think im a loser but its the other way around

Ive got a clean slate
So i got lots of songs to create
how many is something to debate
i was braught here by fate
aint leaving cause im great
my fans and haters are rising at a equal rate
got enough to have my own state
im gonna be as famous as alexander the great

ive gotten many shots
how many i forgot
its inbetween none to a lot
dont think im leaving cause im not
my skull of a lightbulb doesnt have to many watts
It doesnt matter what i was taught

Its what i know
its what i got to show
its simple rhymes like yo
that make you rise from below
your groove cant be slow
Its gotta move and grow
dont wait for a signal just go
and spit like a pro
just go with the flow

(chorus repeat)


well my hands ache
did you like my song, give or take
now ill leave as i have cookies to bake..
just after i handle these leaves with a rake
god i cant stop for petes sake
i know what the lie is, a cake............
Pretty good.