Issue 172

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
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Hooded Pitohui
Hopefully you enjoyed our June special issue this year! We're leaving June in the rearview mirror now, though, and it's time for issue 172 of The 'Shroom!

This issue has our usual six teams and Spotlight in full force, but it also has the results of two events! Find out whether cool colors or warm colors prevailed in the last 'Shroomfest and the ultimate fate of The 'Shroom HQ in our 'Shroomfest Highlights. And don't miss Goombuigi and Ninja Squid finally crowning the ultimate location, the end of the Ultimate Location Battle having finally arrived!

Go on and enjoy the issue! Let it make good reading material to fuel yourself as you make Awards presentations!


Bullet Bill
Wiki Patroller
Former 'Shroom Staff
A couple of additional sections, originally forgotten, were added to this issue! These news sections include:

Shmaluigi, Private Investigator
Writer: Waluigi Time
Team: Palette Swap
Description: Shmaluigi investigates and comments on life itself.

Our Leaders
Writer: Shoey
Team: Fake News
Description: Shoey talks about Shy Guys in a fictitious setting.
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