A Guide to Action/Adventure Usercomics

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Now, I know I'm not the best person to create a guide to comics. That would be Uniju, Snack, DP, Ultima, Stooben, etc. But, I figured I might as well try.

1. Don't do a cliched plotline unless you can make the cliched plotline awesome. You probably can't.
2. Don't use internet slang in the comic.
3. Don't have yourself as the main character.
4. Don't include yourself in the comic, period, unless you can avoid turning yourself into a Mary Sue/Marty Stu. You probably can't.
5. Don't make it random, unless you can make the randomness funny. You probably *shot*

1. Make sure it can be taken seriously. Seeing as this is a comic about a bunch of internet users, this is generally the hardest part.
2. Maek sur yuo have corect speeling.
3. Actually try to make the comic good. If you're whipping out 20 issues a day, chances are, the comic sucks.
4. Accept constructive criticism.
5. Make sure the comic actually makes sense.

I'll probably edit this again later.
You made it work well. From what I've seen, most people can't.

Also, Uniju's Holiday Theater was a comedy. I was referring to action/adventure comics, I need to make that more clear.

...it didn't help that this topic was originally called "a guide to usercomics in general." *facepalm*
*edits first post*