Issue 171

Hooded Pitohui

The Bird with Batrachotoxin!
Core 'Shroom Staff
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
Hooded Pitohui
Hello there, readers of The 'Shroom! Our writers, staff, and guest contributors and artists have been very busy these past few months working on an extra special project, and, today, we're proud to release special issue 171 of The 'Shroom!

There is quite a bit packed into this issue, so let me direct your attention to some of the specials and highlights. In addition to our six teams and Spotlight, we have…

...some special staff notes featuring FunkyK38 herself as she reflects on hitting the milestone of serving as Palette Swap Director for 100 issues.

...our 'Shroomfest, where you can take part in a silly, light-hearted debate led by myself and… Superchao? Yes, we have a guest team leader again this month, and a guest judge, too!

...the Poll Committee Chairperson election. Are you interested in running the Poll Committee over the course of its 12th term? Then post a campaign. Even if you aren't running, take a look, ask the candidates questions, and get involved!

...the final round of the Ultimate Location Battle, where you can help Ninja Squid and Goombuigi crown the Ultimate Location with your votes.

...the Community Gallery, where you can take a look at artwork submitted by some of the many artists in our community. Make sure you take a look at every piece in the gallery. I can tell you truthfully that you don't want to click away until you've seen every image.

...a special present from the staff, who've secretly been working on the special section Music on a Staff, taking readers on a musical tour by introducing them to some new music as if they were writing a Palette Swap music section.

...and, finally, if you missed it before, the Community Dossier is a part of this issue, so be sure to read up on the nominees for the Community Awards and cast your votes (remember, you can vote once a week, so if you voted when polls first went up, you can vote again tomorrow!)

With all that highlighted, go forth and read! Enjoy the issue, enjoy all of the wonderful artwork and graphics The Pyro Guy made for us, and enjoy everything your fellow members of the community put into this celebratory issue!