What is this song?


Hi friends,

I recently come across this piece of music in a Mario Maker video and spent a solid hour trying to find the name. I'm assuming it's Mario related, but it could very well come from somewhere else - does anyone recognise it? The track in question: https://voca.ro/19hBUsXdTCVn

Many thanks!


I don’t have any info about it either, but I feel like I’ve listened to it before, but I don’t feel it’s a Mario-related track. However, I can’t remember where and when. I am sure some music pr companies or platforms are the ones that can help you. Maybe if you find some related information to help you get to it easier, it will help you more. We live in 2022, so I’m sure you can find almost every information you desire, especially when it comes to music. We have to be patient and look in the right places.
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